Katy Perry – Electric

Katy Perry – Electric

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Directed by Carlos López Estrada
Production Company: Obsidian
Executive Producer: Doug Klinger
Head of Production: Anna Heinrich
Producers: Nicole Jordan Webber, Andrew Chennisi, Yusef Chabayta
Label Commissioner: Targa Sahyoun
Post Producer: Julian Conner
Animation: Maverick Media

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#KatyPerry #Electric #Pokémon

Music video by Katy Perry performing Electric. © 2021 Capitol Records LLC


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44 Responses

  1. Paraíso da TV says:

    Katy Perry diva maravilhosa que merece o mundo. Que esse single faça todo o sucesso que merece

    • Igor D. Porto says:

      @KAASHVI’S AMAZING WORLD ✌ use google translate if you want to understand something, is disrespectful to ask someone to speak in a different language just for your understanding of the matter

    • Came Raee says:

      todos estam aqui pelo pikachu

    • Igor D. Porto says:

      @Came Raee diga por sí mesmo, eu estou aqui pela rainha Katy

  2. Paraíso da TV says:

    A Katy sempre nos serve tanto. Katycats do Brasil, vamos fazer esse clipe pegar #1 nos vídeos em alta daqui

  3. N V says:

    *Pokemon twerking

  4. MAKO’s Corner says:

    The fact that the young girl is her when she was younger and she had a Pichu that became a Pikachu when she grew up 🥺

  5. Icecreamlover forever24 says:

    Katy Perry Nicki Minaj,Drake, Olivia Rodrigo,Little mix , damm all of them released songs in a day yayyyy

  6. MaryLu Welch says:

    Seguro los fans de Katy Perry que no conocen Pokémon no tienen idea de que rayos está pasando xD

  7. Kenneth M. says:

    pikachu twerking

  8. Yanshi Patel says:

    after listening this song, yelling in the house “ELECTRIC”

  9. Ansh Banka says:

    **pika-pika twerking**

  10. Jakub Destro says:


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