Katy Perry Spills Her Guts to James Corden (Witness World Wide)

Katy Perry Spills Her Guts to James Corden (Witness World Wide)

James Corden swings by Witness World Wide headquarters for a special version of his Late Late Night show segment “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.” Katy ranks her best lovers and reveals the “One That Got Away.”

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20 Responses

  1. Perfect Rising says:

    release Hey Hey Hey, witness, roullete and deja Vu as single pls

  2. ali says:

    never been this quick

  3. jehanr says:

    Awesome thumbnail

  4. Dvddy Dvddy says:

    president of the united states 😂😂💗👏

  5. Maria Emília Castro Oliveira says:

    Leaving here her list just for the record…

  6. Haruhi Fujioka says:

    The president😂😂

  7. Judd Jare says:

    This was the best part of the livestream

  8. Quesha _. says:

    5:08 it is 1 am and I laughed so hard out loud 😂 omg Katy I adore you and 110% agree with that answer

  9. MaddieEmily15 says:

    *smells picked pigs foot*
    “President of The United States”

  10. Alena Nadine Xandra says:

    omg yummy, Durian!!!! 😀 (don’t fight me it’s delicious)

  11. Junmar Ellazo says:

    Poor Diplo. 😂😂

  12. mindy zheng says:

    ” i will happily meet all 7 of them in the parking lot “😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Efdez says:

    1. Mayer
    2. Bloom
    3. Diplo

  14. Yashfeen Styles! says:

    The wanted have fans?

  15. Jadryl Veloria says:

    1,000 year old egg?

  16. Tan Wen Hao says:

    I would definitely eat bird nest (bird saliva), thousand-year-old egg (century egg) and durian cause I’m a Malaysian!! #malaysiansquad

  17. mimi says:

    The Wanted shade💀💀💀 tbh I used to like their music

  18. Tanya Antero says:

    “groban? did he raise you up? HAHA

  19. OMDOSERU Lagi says:

    DURIAN! It’s a fruit from WKWK land. Have you tried that fruit guys? wkwk

  20. sarah mka says:

    durian is my fav food. like. its, heaven.

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