Kawhi will not be happy being LeBron’s sidekick on the Lakers – Bomani Jones | First Take

Kawhi will not be happy being LeBron’s sidekick on the Lakers – Bomani Jones | First Take

Bomani Jones does not see Kawhi Leonard being content with playing as the Los Angeles Lakers’ second or third option behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and Max Kellerman expects Kawhi to join the LA Clippers and win a championship next season, potentially with Jimmy Butler.

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80 Responses

  1. an irrelevant boi says:

    He should stay in Toronto period

    • Petesilvo says:

      @LAKER NATION 4 LIFE! writing’s on the wall, i can give you 100 reasons/hints that he staying but you as Lakers fan will choose not to see that (same goes for the US media). i’ll name a few just for the sake of it. 1) You won a chip. 2) you made history with the team and know you have another shot with that same team. 3) not easy to walk out on a 2.5 million championship parade 4) you established a relationship with the organization and the medical team that you can’t guarantee you’d have the same somewhere else. 5) Gasol said he’ll only stay in Kawhi stays, Gasol re-signed. 6) He signed his daughter in a school here in Toronto (look up some of the footage). 7) Toronto is not what the media paints it to be, Kawhi witnessed this first hand. 8) Masai’s staying and has the last word when it’s all said and done. thinking that Toronto doesn’t have a pitch simply cause they won a chip is ridiculous.. the guy has a plan to further improve the team for next season. ofcourse i already know you’ll be disputing all that. One thing for sure though, he ain’t going to the Lakers to be a 3rd wheel, or to be on a team he was never a fan of to begin with.

    • LAKER NATION 4 LIFE! says:

      @Petesilvo ok if that’s true… About the school thing..don’t you think that would have at least made headlines? (Which it didn’t ) you gave nothing but “Your reasons” why you think he should stay! So far you’ve only mentioned one thing that was relevant and that was marc gasol….otherwise its all speculation!…BUT…A BIG BUT! …I would rather him stay with the Raptors! Of course I want him on the lakers! Trust me! We aren’t the only ones who feel that way! But what ever he decides too do! The best would be between Raptors and the lakers!

    • LAKER NATION 4 LIFE! says:

      @Young Man June 30th …. Lets see what he decides! Either way is cool with me

    • an irrelevant boi says:

      LAKER NATION 4 LIFE! Woah chill I’m just saying what she said

    • juan moco says:

      @helloyou807 here’s your … take up in the ass

  2. Peter Battaglia says:

    Molly: Let me switch gears on you

    Lavar: You can switch gears on me anytime

  3. J Leww says:

    How does he know Kawhi wouldn’t be happy ? Lmfaooo .. Ppl out here assuming ? Shit is Hilarious .

    • When you contemplate Life says:

      Steven Lankford lebron fans arguments is always stats stats stats
      how about watch the damn game and see how he gets those points and assists

    • Two Natal Yods says:

      Cuz most people are unhappy with LeBaby.

    • Antonio Kim says:

      Kawhigon Jinn ain’t nobody blind. If you watch his tapes it’s like a broken record (hhhhhe does the same thing)

    • Adrian Solis says:

      Fr, its the other way around lebron would be Kawhi sidekick. Kawhi would be the Alpha of the Lakers.

    • Mark blue says:

      Man do LeBron need every top super star on his team to win a championship the greatest player on the planet i mean what does this say about his greatness that he needs a whole lot of help to win now i mean what happened to being the best you have to be the best now it’s lets make our team so super that we’ll just win by default, and what does this say about leanord coming off a finals MVP and you go join forces with LeBron and ad just to have clear advantage over the rest of the league where are y’all competitive juices you like a bunch of slapnuts punks to me.u wouldn’t dare see Jordan trying to stack a team just to win a championship Jordan will say give me vital coach K and just give me the dam ball and I will take us there, now that’s what the greatest of all time would say not o i need shooters o i need a team of all Stars to win, y’all compared just chump to Jordan just stop he’s not even in the same stratosphere as Michael Jordan enough said period point blank

  4. MrSoloDolo says:

    I hope Molly never comes back ! This show is so much better ☺️

    • MrSoloDolo says:

      Octavio Araujo you definitely fap off to the thought of her every night

    • Zen Master says:

      Lol Octavio you trolling, stop ?. All she does is interrupt. Now if she was topless on the show, then I’m all for having molly on the show.

    • bradders344 says:

      A H checking my videos out eh ??? they are old videos with my daughter. To have a child you need to have sex with a female…something your ugly ass doesn’t know about. You bust nuts all over yourself ???

    • Dylan says:

      It feels so good not hearing, “can i say one thing real quick”

    • Javi Rios says:

      @bradders344 hahhaa shiit wjy u done em like that?

  5. Reese B says:

    This is just media tampering. Lakers are a great situation and why are we assuming Kawhi would be a sidekick? He’ll make his own decision without opinions from the peanut gallery.

    • craig brown says:

      @Giovanni Cardenas My point was that it would be too easy for them.

    • Giovanni Cardenas says:

      @craig brown winning a championship? I mean we all thought the same thing about the warriors but they didnt win this year, did they? Winning isnt easy

    • craig brown says:

      @Giovanni Cardenas The Warriors lost 2 of there 3 best players in the playoffs

    • Augustine Choi says:

      the media trying to interfere on the Lakers getting kwahi. kwahi would know that the future of the lakers would be about kawhi and ad, thus great motivation for kwahi to sign with the Lakers.. include the championship aspect to that.

  6. Lebron James says:

    If I’m KD I def resign with the warriors if this happens

    • Dwyane Wade says:

      No shit.

    • NBA World says:

      Yo imma let yall finish but if Kawhi comes to LA with LeBron, AD, and Kuzma they are fucking up these lightskin niggas ON SIGHT. KD can do whatever tf he wants, and they still getting run off the damn court.

      Draymond cannot guard AD one on one. That shit is NOT happening. The only reason they held him a little bit was because it was 1 vs 5. KD cannot guard LeBron one on one, the only reason they won is because they played LeBron 1 vs 5. The Warriors stayed picking on teams the last few years because they put 5 HOF on the court at one time, if LeBron gets Kawhi and AD, it’s gonna be OVER

    • First Death says:

      Really you actually LeBron

    • Mason Garrison says:

      U aint tha real lebron stop playing

  7. Austin Downey says:

    So tired of hearing about who the Lakers are gonna get and where Kawhi is going to go.

  8. Auc 2.0 says:

    If Kawhi goes to the Lakers it’s over with for the rest of the league.

    • Denis Bazinet says:

      @The LA Guy that’s what I said “If healthy”. Problem is Lakers would only have the MLE for one player ($4.5M) and as many minimum exceptions as they need (<$1.5M depending on experience). Who are the Lakers going to get to play all those minutes and win games? Kawhi will likely play 62 games again. AD has had health issues. Lebron ain't getting any younger and seem to not play defence during the regular season. We all saw what happened in GS once Steph signed supermax. No money for decent reserves. Then stars have to do too much over 82 games + playoffs. If healthy sure, but I would bet the house on it.

    • Ba Lee Dat says:

      Denis Bazinet

      C Davis
      PF Kuzma
      SF LJ = Championship
      SG Kawhi
      PG potato

    • Sir Devil says:

      Denis Bazinet They could sign Patrick Beverly for 4.5 mil and then just say fuck it. With that starting 5 they would terrorize the league.

    • Buchholz says:

      @Ba Lee Dat you could have Mario Chalmers at PG and you will still win atleast 2 chips

    • Denis Bazinet says:

      @Ba Lee Dat believe want you… None of the 3 can average 40 minutes a game

  9. GNB says:

    People in the media swear they been talking to kawhi personally everyday

  10. Jeff Ezenwelu says:

    BREAKING: Lakers are apparently the only franchise in the NBA

  11. James Martin says:

    Have any of these Laker haters heard of Magic, Kareem, and Worthy?

    Bird, McHale, Parish?

    Supposed “analysts”.

    • Lenon Cho says:

      @Nihle Igleca curry,klay and green were drafted by the warriors and they grew and became a all stars,kd was d only one who was brought in and D.Cousins was coming off injury when he joined the warriors,stop comparing the build of these super teams to the warriors,because the warriors won a ring before we thought they were a super team.

    • Lenon Cho says:

      @Nihle Igleca not shocked by it though,to me the league has been this way from 2011,stars joining stars it’s a norm now,I happy for the laker fans though,I grew up a Kobe fan so yeah,Am happy for them.

    • MARC D. says:

      Kareem was on the older side, worthy clearly wasn’t as good as Magic, it worked. LBJ, Kawhi and Davis is like putting Magic, Bird and Isiah together. Who’s team is it? Called chemistry, not just about talent

    • Jay Sampson says:

      Smh the competition level is a disgrace now a days it’s cool to join up but damn I’m waiting for it to go back to one or 2 stars to a team lol role players ain’t shit now a days ???

    • RSMDW says:

      Jay Sampson did you not watch the raptors at all this year lol? There’s one superstar and the rest are role players… can’t really call pascal a star yet. Marc is way past his prime. What are you even saying lol

  12. LukeJizzum says:

    What makes bomangji qualified to speak. Dude don’t know anything

  13. Dwain Frett says:

    Max got slick saying Jimmy Butler going to Clippers as well lol

  14. Ijeoma David.u says:

    All Bomani’s issues with Kwahi joining LAL are off the court, no actual basketball impact analysis.

    • Jeremiah Jackson says:

      Right. I mean look whatever happens it’s Kawhi choice. This man won 2 chips and was MVP he doesn’t owe anybody anything and no one know what he would be as a Lakers.

  15. Treal Oso saucy says:



  16. IamN64 says:

    Damn who paying these ppl to speak on behalf of Kawhi? All I hear is disgruntled employees.???

  17. Jayy Vee says:

    I swear the media is soooo scared that Kwahi will actually join lebron ?? cause they’ll all look like fools!

  18. Andrew Nelson says:

    Lol the Raptors disrespect… Clippers squad isn’t any where NEAR as good as Raps without Kawhi.
    Clippers got 8th last year…. Raptors have had an exceptional record for the last 5 years…

  19. E BO says:

    “I know that the LA Lakers are a basketball team.”

    Stephen A:
    “My sources tell me the deal is almost done for Kawhi to be a Laker!”

  20. Captain Snake says:

    Toronto is even a better team next year if Kawhi stays. Siakam, vanvleet, OG all coming back better with championship swagger.

    • Stephen Cheney says:

      Championship swagger doesn’t make a team better. Or at least it doesn’t overcome the additional challenge of everyone else gunning for you. Repeating is hard. The Spurs never even did it. LeBron almost didn’t do it.

    • Sir Devil says:

      Stephen Cheney The best comparison I can make for this Raptors team is the rockets with Hakeem Olajuwon, and they managed to repeat so I don’t see why this raptors team can’t.

    • NBA World says:

      Boy if you don’t stop it. The Raptors barely beat Philly on a game winner, and only won the chip because KD and Klay went down. They barely even got out the East. With my respect to Raptors fans, y’all got lucky as shit just like GSW in 2015.

      Toronto is nothing compared to the Lakers. LeBron, AD, Kuzma, or Lowry, Siakum, Vanfleet? You decide. Except we both know Toronto would trade all three of those guys for LeBron or AD and not think about it twice

    • Captain Snake says:

      @Stephen Cheney experience and chemistry comes with that swagger, and a more comfortable Kawhi.

    • Captain Snake says:

      @NBA World why u play the game. Toronto stayed healthy, blame Embiid for always sick with something, blame GS medical staff.

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