Kay Flock – Being Honest (shot by RingRing Visuals)

Kay Flock – Being Honest (shot by RingRing Visuals)

For bookings and shows: kayflock9@gmail.com

Being Honest out everywhere: https://KayFlock.lnk.to/BeingHonest

Stream Kay Flock everywhere:
Apple Music: https://KayFlock.lnk.to/AppleMusic
Spotify: https://KayFlock.lnk.to/Spotify
Soundcloud: https://KayFlock.lnk.to/Soundcloud

Follow Kay Flock: https://www.instagram.com/_kay.flocka/

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47 Responses

  1. Jerad Oliver says:

    Kay represents himself better with these singles .. I like this younging but I feel like he has a story to tell

  2. DamnJanky 300 says:

    “I got my front but is u behind me get goofy like Martin and Gina or get greedy like Kesha and Tommy then get deady like Whitney and Bobby” Best lines😤🔥

    • littlehaiti#69double0/305 miami shit! says:

      @Buck Daman that man 25 what u mean 😂

    • _Abeunknown 12 says:

      @littlehaiti#69double0/305 miami shit! he’s 19

    • Buck Daman says:

      @littlehaiti#69double0/305 miami shit! i mean that shit was barely syndicated when I was young and I grew up .. you right though shit maybe it’s still getting play on some local
      Stations too broke to pay for any other rights 🤷‍♂️ sure is A LOT of references in the last 3/4 years

    • JayVuittøn says:

      on dawgs

    • Master YI says:

      @RK_ 4PE Not hating but those were some basic ass bars but in the context of the song the lines were perfectly executed

  3. Don Stever says:

    And they said flock not versatile 😤

  4. Greedyman2 says:

    he finally released it no longer an unreleased this goes hard you can really hear the pain in this mans voice

  5. AnnoyingTV says:

    Definitely Kay Flock’s best song

  6. YFG Acid says:

    The only people that ever made me listen to the same song 5x in a row is Sheff and Sleepy and now I am honored to say Kay flock has also been added to the list

  7. CF says:

    I love he’s doing tracks on his own now, this shit lit

  8. Tok The Outcast King says:

    This track is what g herbo would sound like if he came out of NY. This shit go crazy

  9. SnaggyMo says:


  10. Kaemor says:

    *Day 1s already know the lyrics from the leaked version* 🔥

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