Ke Huy Quan Wins Best Supporting Actor ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ at 2023 Academy Awards

Ke Huy Quan Wins Best Supporting Actor ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ at 2023 Academy Awards

Watch Ke Huy Quan’s full acceptance speech at the 2023 Oscars for Best Supporting Actor in Everything Everywhere All At Once.

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31 Responses

  1. Kenny says:

    i’ve never rooted so hard for someone in recent memory

  2. Totem Daim says:

    Just put this shit in perspective: He didn’t act for almost 20 years. Again, that’s 20 fucking years. And his wife was the only person who never gave up on him. He gave up on his dream but the love of his life didn’t. She told him his time would come and it finally did. That man deserves everything. And it’s not an Oscar for his comeback, it’s not an Oscar because he’s Asian. It’s an Oscar for his INCREDIBLE performance. We love you and we’re very proud of you.

    • Jess Rose Fawkes says:

      Couldn’t of said it better myself Totem! Ke, Brendan and Michelle k were my highlights of the night, incredible talent all 3 of them!!

    • Jessica Fontes says:


    • blueberryhils says:

      Facts!!! When I listened to an interview of the story of his life it’s a miracle he’s even alive. We are blessed to have him here and to see him on screen once again. What a hero

  3. miss g of course says:

    His immense gratitude is so heart warming. He really did deserve this.

  4. Joseph Patterson says:

    His ability to transform completely into so many nuanced characters often in the same scene is fantastic. I’m so happy for him I’ve got tears streaming down my face.

  5. Zionna Danao says:

    Everytime Ke Huy Quan accepts an award, I cry tears of joy

  6. Peter Sim says:

    From a kid actor to the Academy winner, he has been through so many things for such a long time!!Congratulations!Mr. Kwan!You Deserve It

  7. Sam Tnt says:

    Brendan Fraser was the comeback story I’ve always wanted. This is the comeback story I never knew I want. Incredible and heartfelt Ke.

  8. Cold Noodle says:

    I’m still amazed by the fact that we got Ke’s stellar performance in EEAAO partly because of Crazy Rich Asians. He initially didn’t want to return to acting, but upon seeing a film with a mainly-Asian cast, he was inspired to pursue his dream again. See, THIS is why representation matters. Seeing people who look like you achieve the things you used to only wish for yourself can open doors and allow you to soar even higher. Well deserved, EEAAO team!!!

  9. Thuy Anh Nguyen says:

    So very happy for him. His acceptance speeches are always so genuine and come straight from the heart, so emotional!

    • NISMO says:

      Tbh, if you seen Asian get the more attention they deserve in America, you’d get a lot of these type of speeches bc it’s embedded into the Asian culture to be as genuine as possible while appeasing your higher moral ethics

  10. Wes Bradley-Taubner says:

    The guy deserved TWO oscars if we’re being honest. He played 2 completely different characters in the same movie to perfection.

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