Keegan-Michael Key – “Friends from College,” Shakespeare & “The Lion King” | The Daily Show

Keegan-Michael Key – “Friends from College,” Shakespeare & “The Lion King” | The Daily Show

Keegan-Michael Key gushes about working on “Friends from College,” describes getting back to Shakespearean acting and raises expectations for the new “The Lion King.”

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36 Responses

  1. lisa kirk says:

    These guys are the Perfect storm of beautiful and hilarious. Love it


    ?Bring back Reno 911

  3. TheyCallMeBigPops' says:

    I love this man ??

  4. King Noctis says:

    Not here to take your job..?

  5. Edgar Cruz says:

    Bring back ? & ?!!

    • Jose Aguirre says:

      +chamalsr Key and Peele dang it, you don’t know do you? jk

    • jashane stone says:

      Nah I miss it but I don’t think they should ever do that again to say that it’s actually below them at this very moment..
      They’re beyond it..
      They can produce and direct a show together similar to that or and Mad TV..
      Comedy sketch television..

    • Bob The Chopper - Minecraft says:

      Jose Aguirre wooosh..?

  6. fla5h1 says:

    Omg it’s the legend himself with Trevor noah

  7. Deeboe says:

    Legit one of my favorite interviews of his!!

  8. Valère Hirwa says:

    This is the best pairing ever on the daily show!

  9. Christel Headington says:

    Got notified for this video,while watching Trevor’s last video, which I never was notified had been posted. Where am I ?

  10. Alistaire Roleda says:

    Trevor Noah should be in the lion king!! He would make a great Zazu!??

  11. mary higgins says:

    Key thinks he can just walk in here and take Trevor’s job?!? I had to laugh that gag was hilarious! ??? he DID look good in that suit though

  12. 19thHour says:

    I see Key or Peele (preferably Key AND Peele), I click like.

  13. KnightPlutonian says:

    Someone photoshop Key’s beard on Noah or Noah’s hair on Key

  14. Batman says:

    We all knew The Lion King reboot would be super photo-realistic, it doesn’t make me any more excited knowing that. It’ll be another reboot to cash in on Nostalgia

  15. Vee Macks says:

    Well there’s your Oscars host right there. With or without his comedy buddy Peele, he’d kill it.

  16. crystal delancey says:

    I really hope Netflix makes a 3rd season of friends from college. The storyline at the end broke my heart and was thourouly engaging.

  17. GoGo PowerRangers says:

    I love hearing how genuinely passionate he is talking about his acting. It feels good to see people loving and succeeding at what they do.

  18. patricia phuthi says:

    Are they friends coz this was so effortless. Love it

  19. Gezimuthi Ngwenya says:

    Everytime I see dude I hear ” You done messed up A’Aron ‘ ????

  20. razi uddin ahmed says:

    every time i see keegan in a suit, i expect luther any second now

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