KeemStar Swatted My Friend.

KeemStar Swatted My Friend.

Recently my friend smile4youtubegaming released a video about his experiences with Keemstar. I’m honestly surprised at just how far Keemstar went on stream to release all of his private information. This led to him getting swatted several times. It’s pretty obvious Keemstar released the information with the intention of smile getting swatted. Keemstar even went as far as sending a link grabbing ip over his official twitter account to Smile4Youtubegaming. Later he got ddosed while live streaming when Keemstar started typing in his chat.

Keemstar has even tweeted that he has never intentionally released someones dox. This now proves that he was just flat out lying. Dramaalert wont last long at this rate.

Check out Smiles video and channel and subscribe to him as he releases some pretty good information when he uploads:

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20 Responses

  1. WHISKEY OPS on PS4 says:

    Keem star needs to be put in court and make prison time.

  2. catseye10000 says:

    dude he can sue for real

  3. Jinx says:

    i like how keemstar cries about everyone yelling at him for doing dumb shit
    and him being the “Punching bag” when he fucking doxes people and sends
    people to go DDoS and swat people…

  4. Wayne Williams says:

    So keemstar actually lives in his mother’s basement?

  5. ChunkyBunny2 says:

    How is Keem still not in jail?

  6. Fwog says:

    They’re putting a fucking kid in handcuffs? Is a kid going to overpower a
    MAN with a rifle? Don’t think so

  7. Fatalfizzy says:

    Why hasn’t someone tracked down this POS and killed him yet? Some may think
    that would be a little excessive but he’s ruining peoples lives. People
    like keemstar don’t deserve to live.

  8. Xposure TIME says:

    Keem is such a loser

  9. The Observer says:

    I knew it was a mistake to forgive keem

  10. Pengu1N_ says:

    it happen again ? what?

  11. TS Swoop says:

    lol that’s what you get for gaming online faggot

  12. Porkychopz says:

    What can I do to get rid of this Keemstar

  13. Tyler Lastname says:


  14. JT Cavicola says:

    FAKE! Alex is a smart white person! Keem lied and say he’s a nigger. Smh

  15. tigermeatz says:

    Suck a cock keem!!!

  16. Messiah Dzn says:

    Use FUPA and sue him; this is illegal and unethical on so many levels…

  17. Matt B. says:

    Now this is something that is worth being on trending! Gj man!

  18. bafrie3000 says:

    I dont think keem does this to everyone. He had crazy beef with
    smile4youtube for many reasons. But they’re both super evil.

  19. A Normal Person says:


    Alex is a well-accomplished dark-skinned individual

  20. Rushil B. says:

    How come no ones reporting to the police that Keemstar is releasing
    someone’s private information? Isn’t that shit illegal?