Keep Calm and Ignore Trump’s Tweets | June 7, 2017 Pt. 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

Keep Calm and Ignore Trump’s Tweets | June 7, 2017 Pt. 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

When we find ourselves in times of trouble, Donald Trump comes to tweet. Threatening our allies, let him be.

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20 Responses

  1. Alejandro Aguilar says:

    I was wondering how the US was gonna be embarrassed today

  2. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Trump’s the only person who gets even pettier after leaving reality TV.

  3. Krishan Patel says:

    I love her Wonder Woman shirt!

  4. Shayan Givehchian says:

    He also sent out a disgusting tweet about the terror attacks yesterday in Tehran.

  5. Monica Mahler says:

    I agreed he should just delete his Twitter account

  6. clipobserver says:

    Fox News is destroying this country from within, them and our Republican leaders. Stop acting like the Republican C–k holster Fox News.

  7. Red Button TV1 says:

    and it is different than fascism how?


  8. lala lova says:

    Samantha Bee is hands down (IMO) brutally crushing this administration. The show is brilliant; there’s a reason it gets so many conservatives coming to attack her while repeatedly saying she’s not funny or that they stopped watching the show 😆

  9. willimacdo says:

    ‘pre-arrests’ ? waaaat?

  10. Just the Coolest Dude Yo says:

    I hope Donald loses to a Muslim in 2020. Just for the aneurysm it causes him

  11. Jonathan Taylor says:

    Trumpty Dumpty said on television that he wants to torture people. What is there to investigate? Twenty million Americans need to barricade the entrances to the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, the New York Stock Exchange, Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago until Trumpty Dumpty is removed from office and the Republican party is dismantled. People who support torture are enemies of the United States and our Constitution, Trumpty Dumpty supports torture, and the GOP supports Trumpty Dumpty, so Trumpty Dumpty and the Republican party are enemies of the United States and our Constitution.

  12. Jessica Lee says:

    Constitutionally-guaranteed rights are “political correctness” now? The reason those rights are _written down_ is so the government remembers we have them, when they’re scared or angry or otherwise tempted to take them away.

  13. Ben Hamilton says:

    That’s not political correctness, that’s due process… 🙁

  14. utubrGaming says:

    So… what Fox News wants, is an area, where suspects are concentrated. And accommodated there. A camp, if you will. A camp that has concentrated suspects.

    Maybe we could make these suspects, or non-suspects an example. Perhaps we could solve this problem with an ultimate deterrent once and for all. A Solution. That hasn’t been done before.

  15. John Kennedy says:

    It should really be pointed out that internment of the Irish during the Troubles did not work, and arguably made the situation worse. It was quickly abandoned as it was being used as a recruitment tool for republican terrorists.

  16. George Etchingham says:

    “pre arrest” okay yeah that’s constitutional

  17. Michelle E says:

    Holy moly… “pre-arrest”? “Internment without trial”? Is this 2017 or 1984?

  18. Grimread says:

    I’m British. I’m as afraid of a terrorist attack as much as I’m afraid of crossing the road. You can get killed by a speeding motorist or an out of control juggernaut. That doesn’t mean that you should be alarmed at having to cross the road. Simple precautions stop it happening. I know how to spot a potential incendiary explosive device (IED), but I can’t stop someone detonating themselves near me. It’s not likely, so I don’t worry about it. I get incensed at these attacks, but I can’t prevent them. All I can do is feel sympathy for the victims and their families and contempt for the perpetrators. But do you know what does scare me? Your dumb f*cking president. Have you any idea how much damage this narcissistic nepotist could cause in four years? Samantha Bee – you’re spot on! It’s time to call in pest control.

  19. Conformist138 says:

    PRE-ARREST? So, just locking up the innocent? Okay, sure, man, you first. I just can’t take the risk of you being on television and spreading your special brand of insanity, so please come with me.

  20. Veryde says:

    And people say Colbert is savage. I love Samantha, she seems the most natural out of the late night hosts

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