Kehlani – Gangsta (From Suicide Squad: The Album) [Official Video]

Kehlani – Gangsta (From Suicide Squad: The Album) [Official Video]

Gangsta off the Suicide Squad Soundtrack available now!

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20 Responses

  1. iesha deubel says:

    That bat is in every music video these days

  2. Elijiah Longhibler says:

    the only reason I don’t like her as a person is because she cheated on
    kyrie with partynextdoor

  3. Kevin Jackson says:

    was this song in the movie? its good

  4. Tashawn Davis says:

    This hoe should’ve ended her life that day and joined the real Suicide
    Squad in hell

  5. Mickalas Cage says:

    Is Kyrie gangster enough?

  6. Timmy Turner wishing for a burner says:

    Don’t think we forgot how you ccheated on Kyrie. Thotty ass trying to play
    it off and release a single like nothing happened.

  7. Green Raver (M u s i c) says:

    I need a gangsta ass bitch

  8. Mike Tank Brown ll says:

    my favorite scene in suicide squad was when this song came on.

    “will you die for me, no no no….. that’s too easy….. will you live for
    I’m in the movie theater thinking, god damn, I can’t wait to use that line
    on one of my hoe’s.

  9. hallucie bb says:

    Okay, no hate at all, I’ve been a Kehlani fan for a few years now. But this
    song sounds NOTHING like any of her other songs. & it makes me wonder if
    she’s going to start going main stream. I really hope not bc her mixtapes
    are everything.

    Again, no hate on Lani but the song just doesn’t sound like something she
    would do normally.

  10. Lovless Inside You says:

    1:23 what was that blue and red water liquid thing they were swimming in?

  11. Cly Mor says:

    So that’s why she cutted her hair!

  12. Bruce Wayne says:

    Great song! but I’m just here to dislike cuz she fucked over my niggas
    partynextdoor, and Kyrie Irving

  13. Nicholas Moth says:

    Watch all the Tumblr post this shit to their pages saying how fucking great
    it is….The irony is how regressive and anti-women the lyrics are lol.
    Fucking idiots.

  14. Lisandro Perez says:

    Gangsters go to hell people! Jesus Christ will love you better with his
    whole heart!My friends are you saved? do you want to go to Heaven? and live
    Eternally with the creator of Heaven and Earth: Jesus Christ? If so repent
    from your sins and turn away from the world and simply believe the record
    that God gave you his only begotten Son Jesus Christ to be the propitiation
    for your sins!!! and not for yours only…but for the sins of the Whole
    World! you must accept his free gift of Salvation today! Romans 6:23 “For
    the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is Eternal Life through our
    Lord Jesus Christ” Jesus conquered death and sin for you at the cross of
    calvary…place your trust on Him ALONE! and you shall see Everlasting
    Life! God bless you!

  15. Васек Плахон says:

    Как же вы надоели со своим отрядом самоубийц! Распиарили как Дэдпул, а на
    самом деле такая туфта !

  16. Batih says:

    Гангста нужен? ХОВАААААНСКИЙ, здесь тебя хотят!

  17. Emma Styles says:

    I thought there was gonna be more of the joker and Harley– It was just
    kahlani 75% of the time which was disappointing tbh

  18. Teh WaiHoe says:


  19. Edward Nigma says:

    I’m dying from laughter from all the people saying Harley and Joker goals.
    Unless you like being abused, that straight up makes no sense

  20. jhakarra andrews says: