Keith & Becky’s $3,000 Junk Room Makeover • Try DIY

Keith & Becky’s $3,000 Junk Room Makeover • Try DIY

Welcome to Try DIY! The show where Ned and Ariel try to transform their friend’s forgotten spaces and places into beautiful interiors! In this episode Ned & Ariel will help Keith & Becky tackle their “shame” room! Can they fix it?!??‍♀️⚒️

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The #TryGuys is the flagship channel of 2ND TRY, LLC. Tune in twice a week for shows from Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene, the creators and stars of The Try Guys.


Ariel Fulmer:
Becky Habersberger:

Josh Richardson

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Official Try Guys Photos
By Mandee Johnson Photography | @mandeephoto

2nd Try, LLC STAFF
Executive Producer – Keith Habersberger
Executive Producer – Ned Fulmer
Executive Producer – Zach Kornfeld
Executive Producer – Eugene Lee Yang
Producer – Rachel Ann Cole
Producer – Nick Rufca
Production Manager – Alexandria Herring
Editor – Devlin McCluskey
Editor – YB Chang
Editor – Elliot Dickerhoof
Assistant Editor – Will Witwer
Camera Operator – Miles Bonsignore
Production Assistant – Sam Johnson
Content Strategist – Kaylin Burke
Sound Operator – Kasiemobi Udo-okoye


Sound Operator – Amro Helmy
Camera Operator – Dawn Shim

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34 Responses

  1. Sirakki says:

    Becky: “You are worth a hundred dollars!”
    Keith: “Aww, that’s…so little.”

  2. Sabrina H says:

    “You won’t play frisbee with me” petition to get someone to play frisbee with Keith! Make it a Try Guys video and you can do a competition since everyone loves seeing the “rivalry” between Eugene and Ned ?

    Also, Ariel’s face after Ned said “we’ll let you get frustrated for a little bit longer” at 12:15 was amazing, I love them!!!

  3. Allison Liu says:

    Eugene: Rank King
    Keith: Eat the menu
    Zach: Candid Competition
    And Finally
    Ned/Ariel: Try DIY

    • elanya42 says:

      So if I go ahead and overanalyze this and think of it as a reflection of their personalities, Eugene is all about examining perceived worth, Keith is about enjoyment of food, Zach is about spontaneous fun, and Ned/Ariel are about making this better?

    • dragon wishqq says:

      @elanya42 Ned/Ariel is for bonding? Because they’re doing things together. Ned is known for being Ariel’s wife ( and being a dad,but that’s not all his known for), that’s why doing they’re own show together. Idk just a guess

    • siostrarana says:

      Keith also has chicken watch with Chris.

    • Just a Random Nobody says:

      But candid comp keeps getting canceled 🙁

  4. R0RAT44 says:

    “Now that we got it let’s never touch it again”
    “Yeah well I wish you applied that to everything in the house” OUCH BRO

  5. Mirranda Lynn says:

    “Ariel knows what she’s doing, and I’m her husband” This is the best thing ever and I want it on a shirt

  6. Maira Robiglio says:

    Who else wants Ariel to have her own youtube channel where she does this kind of videos + DIYs??

  7. Ros3g01d Fłøw3rš says:

    I love Keith’s shirt


    Edit: I want that octopus thing Keith has to be the mascot of this show

  8. Ella Nina Mazzucco says:

    Ariel knows what she’s doing
    And I’m her husband!

    Ned’s quote of the year

    • Death Omen says:

      I love it ??? it reminds me of that will smith meme of him being like “look at this amazing specimen”

  9. Alex Smalley says:

    Oh fuck yeah!! I’m always down for more Ariel being creative and awesome.

  10. FortuneWookie says:

    “Ariel knows what she’s doing and I’m her husband!”

    Yep perfect intro hahahaha

  11. Mary Larimer says:

    FUN TIP FOR ACCURATE WALL ART HANGING: Measure the two holes on the back of whatever you’re hanging with a piece of washi tape. That way you know exactly the length you need the nails/screws apart. Then, put the tape on the wall, make sure it’s level, and add you nails/screws to the ends of the tape. Remove the tape, and hang your art perfectly. 🙂

  12. Lindsay Daly says:

    Only Keith would have a random dresser drawer filled with frisbees and juggling stuff……lmfao

  13. Lola D says:

    Me while cleaning: this is garbage let’s throw this away
    Me five minutes after: oh wow that was sad

  14. Lauren Gallina says:

    ned and ariel are honestly way too cute, i love them both so much!! it’s so clear that they have a happy and healthy relationship and im so proud and honoured to see them display that on such a large platform. it is something to aspire to.

  15. SuJu_Mimi says:

    THIS NEEDS TO BE A LONGGGG RUNNINGGG SERIEESSS: ARIEL DECORATING PLACES!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!! LMAO, as an HGTV fan, i love stuff like this (watching it, of course, i could never do it myself)

  16. mclmouse says:

    Basically this is Ariel’s show featuring the Try Guys? I’m in!

  17. Joy Oveson says:

    This feels like an upgraded HGTV show. The editing is spot-on. Professional but still extremely down to earth and like-able. The Try Guys have really come SO far in their journey.

    PS bring back candid competition

  18. Lindsey O'Reilly says:

    I love the “LEt’s gO MeEt KeiTh anD BeCky” True HGTV legends

  19. Hollyberry says:

    Petition for Ariel to have her own DIY and room flip videos

    Also did anyone else notice Ariel cut her hair to shoulder length? Love it ?

  20. Bitchie Pie says:

    Love it. But I can’t wait for Eugene to do a boyfriend reveal!

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