Keith Thurman vs. Mario Barrios | Preview Highlight | PBC on FOX

Keith Thurman vs. Mario Barrios | Preview Highlight | PBC on FOX

Former world champions Keith “One Time” Thurman and Mario “El Azteca” Barrios go head-to-head in the FOX PPV main event. Thurman showed energy and power and outworked Barrios to a unanimous decision.
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Keith Thurman vs. Mario Barrios | Preview Highlight | PBC on FOX


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40 Responses

  1. PBC ON FOX says:

    What was the most impressive part of Thurman’s performance?

    • jcentricity says:

      Thurman had long layoff looked good. Good combination punching good jab good movement he literally can throw any punch since he can’t take body shots he needs to do better job protecting body

    • King Larry5 says:

      @Chino Solomon oh ok my bad I had it mixed around! I thought Thurman still would knock him down by him moving up to 147

    • CK says:

      @Fabolous Jada i dont remember anyone hurting spence lol

    • Dajuan Menzies says:

      @Bill Diggs facts.

    • Richard Anthony Renteria says:

      Thurman sucks! Couldn’t knockout a lightweight! And Barrio’s deserves ALL the credit, coming up in weight to face a natural welterweight in Thurman after battling with ‘Stank’ Davis and still not getting KO’d, all the love and respect to Barrio’s, Thurman should’ve just stayed

  2. x says:

    Keith is on the verge of redemption, while Barrios is a tough warrior.

  3. M R K says:

    PBC never disappoints with the horrible highlights

  4. Brrrrr says:

    Proud of Barrios. This kid is going to gain so much experience from these 2 loses. I hope he comes back

  5. arthur lyampensha says:

    Keith has himself up well from his first loss against Pacman and long hiatus. Kudos to both men especially Barrios for taking a dangerous fight in his first outing in the welterweight division. Such courage ought to be appraised 👊👏👏👏

  6. Ed Tardaguila says:

    Barrios is a tough warrior, while Keith is redemption time for him.. good fight

  7. Awsedrfyhujol Wwsedrftgyjujikol says:

    Really hope Thurman can stay fit and get a good run of fights. At his peak was such an amazing fighter

    • AllusiveStorm says:

      @Daniel Cadwell i noticed that too he had so many KO’s but against real competition he only wins by decision

    • Michael Dick says:

      Looks like he cherry picking he could’ve fought better competition

    • Cristian Hernandez says:

      Sorry but he is done fighting too guys don’t want any smoke wit boots or Virgil who are next to have a tittle shot

    • Fabolous Jada says:

      @Daniel Cadwell bro everybody he beat was too firm stop the cap and Errol is beating them old like Garcia that’s a washed up Garcia Thurman fought all these guys when they were lions then hurt his elbow

    • Cristian Hernandez says:

      @Don Johnson very bad 3 years 3 fights ….fight boots or Vergil if he wants a tittle shot they the guys who go next by claiming the chart

  8. Skull says:

    Grats to both fighters. I’m glad they’re both healthy after the fight. Barrios’ s stock goes up a little bit because of his dogged determination. Thurman’s stock stays about the same because of the rust. Both fighters have much more to offer than what we saw tonight. I had the fight 11-1 for Thurman but a number of the rounds were competitive. Barrios is a much bigger welterweight than I thought. Thurman looked a little gaunt at the weigh in but decent in the ring. There were moments in this fight that it appeared two high level elite boxers were facing off but then one or the other would back down or step off the gas. Thurman clearly won … like no doubt at all. Thurman was sloppy at times, seemed his legs weren’t fully under him but overall he got the job done convincingly.

    I learned two things after watching this fight: #1. Thurman is NOT ready to fight the elite (yet) and #2. Barrios needs more time at 147 fighting contenders. I feel like both fighters could eventually fight for a world title but they have to put the work in first.

    • Let Me sleep says:

      Who would you like to see Thurman against next?

    • Hector Cuevas says:

      @Allen Ali it wasn’t steroids it was iv that USADA doesn’t allow and USADA Isn’t strict in testing like VADA is but I guess in the contact you can put that and you can use IV and in Vegas rules it’s not against it so it’s common sense why Floyd only fought in Vegas once a year and retired 4 times already and keeps coming back in boxing scene

    • Duke Adonis says:

      @Shiki TonoPac Man actually said he was afraid of needles and drawing blood makes him weaker. That’s a fact. Great fighter but truth is truth. He hasn’t had a KO since he was exposed/questioned about steroid use.

    • The Best Of the Best says:

      @RBGpa Even after retirement, Pacman still lives rent free in yo head.

    • Afree Cann says:

      @RBGpa stop crying go home and take your milk

  9. Jenalyn Ordinario says:

    Credit to barrios. He’s a tough guy. Fearless baby 💪

  10. david 300 says:

    Respect to barrios he fighting the toughest fights back to back how it should be

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