Keke Palmer Laughs Uncontrollably While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Keke Palmer Laughs Uncontrollably While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

The Berlin Station star, singer, style maven, and Snapchat Queen braves the wings of death in this high-octane episode. As she goes sauce for sauce with Sean Evans, Keke dishes on everything from the correct way to meme her face, to the enduring legacy of Moesha. THE GAG IS…the questions are hot, and the wings are even hotter.

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20 Responses

  1. TheMovieMyLife says:

    I’m expecting her to knock this out the park. Let’s see. 🙂

  2. younghotboy239 says:

    every time I watch this show I be drooling for some wings right after

  3. Marcus J says:

    Sometimes you gotta like your own comment first to make it look like you boomin a lil bit.. you know.. give it that lil razzle dazzle

  4. blaine j says:

    after someone is on your show I always like them more

  5. TheMovieMyLife says:

    ‘I’m just drinking this milk coz, you know it’s just milk. I don’t need it!’ ?

  6. Antoine Marty says:

    What the fuck is wrong with the comments today?

  7. 100Hasake says:

    I still don’t understand what she was trying to say about her savagery

  8. Offxcial Wonn says:

    KeKe is that one female in Highschool that you had a crush on……But everytime you make a move on her you fuck up….

  9. Dregz says:

    get the good mythical morning guys on here

  10. Josef Jozefowicz says:

    why is there so much hate on KeKe?

  11. Powermitts says:

    Did this Nigga just call gunplay YG. BLACK RAPPERS ARENT ALL THE SAME SEAN !!!

  12. manchesterUnited806 says:

    They had good chemistry, I think she was feeling my boy

  13. Corron Johnson says:

    I want to fuck on her. So hard.

  14. Silent Shadow says:

    Why when there are black guest people have all the stupid or hate filled comments

  15. tydumeproductions says:

    Don’t lie we all know her from the Disney movie Jump In!

  16. TheFamous35 says:

    She is a very entertaining guest; she brings a lot of energy, which is mistaken as being loud and obnoxious by a jealous bunch.

  17. Logan Barnard says:

    Why didnt you mention Dax Shepard?? The dude was a savage on the last wing!

  18. Brian b says:

    So we’re all just gonna skip past the fact that Sean said he lived with 11 sorority girls for a semester… I would like to hear tht story

  19. The Goat says:

    Ion see racist comments fuck y’all talking bout?

  20. Neghie Thervil says:

    She’s growing on me, she can be a bit much…but that’s probably because I can be a bit much and I don’t really like that about myself. Anyway, Sean is such a ridiculously good interviewer, he makes everyone seem awesome.

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