Kellie Missed The Buzzer – Celebrity Family Feud

Kellie Missed The Buzzer – Celebrity Family Feud

Clearly, we need a bigger button. Kellie Pickler and Lance Bass face off on Celebrity Family Feud! Who is going to say bye bye bye?

Watch Sunday 2×01 on Fun And Games on ABC!


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17 Responses

  1. Nicole Spivey says:

    The buttons were bigger and shorter back in the day.

  2. Then It said says:

    Gimmicky question… cuz we all know what we gonna say and what they wanna
    hear as an answer

  3. Andrew Vaughn says:

    This is a sneak peak, isn’t it?

  4. MsLovestory01 says:

    Steve Harvey looks genuinely afraid for his life. 😀 HAHAHAHA

  5. superflygenius says:

    Coked-up Kellie

  6. Cambra says:

    Even if she hit the button she was like 500 MS off in reaction time….

  7. love travel says:

    i love the pretty blue lady lolzzz

  8. ADS7094 says:

    Same broad that was on Are you smarter than a 5th grader and did not know
    if France was a country or something like that. Now she can’t coordinate
    her hand to hit the button? Jesus Christ, murica.

  9. Michele Lue-yat says:

    Omg she was so funny in the fast money part. She kept questioning the

  10. Jod Life says:

    what kind of a question was that neway.

  11. vintagevideogamegeek says:

    What a dumb-dumb.

  12. robert lane says:

    i loved this silly girl since i first saw her on american idol, she is just
    a plain ole country girl that does things her way, xoxo kellie

  13. Connor Hoard says:

    even if she didn’t miss it, lance still would have gotten it first

  14. Jailyn Maliah says:

    am I the only one that kept clicking 0:40 over and over again xD

  15. Jailyn Maliah says:

    Steve’s face at 4:44 xD

  16. tigercap100 says:

    People that desire nothing more than to be a celebrity are the worst.

  17. Donald W. says:

    Accurate title 10/10.