Kelly Clarkson – Piece By Piece

Kelly Clarkson – Piece By Piece

Kelly’s new single “Piece by Piece” is out now! Get the radio edit on iTunes:
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Kelly’s deluxe album “Piece by Piece” is available now! iTunes:

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20 Responses

  1. Ana Luisa Dias says:

    Awesome vid, Kelly! 😀
    God bless your lovely family. <3

  2. Savannah Romero says:

    Your daughter is so cute!!! Great video!

  3. Filip Werenczak says:

    this is fantastic, i’m crying ?

  4. Baron Münchhausen says:

    Eric “The Midget” would have loved this.

  5. mekkiepoo says:

    Dafuq did they do to it? It was such a pretty song…

  6. Evan Gerstenkorn says:

    I actually like both versions, but for different reasons. when i saw she
    was releasing this as her next single I was worried because its not really
    a good radio song but i think and hope this remix will do really well for
    her. I just really hope she later releases dance with me or take you high
    as singles cuz i almost know they will do great. But, at this point in time
    it doesnt really matter because Kelly has proved herself to the world and
    she has her fans so she will do fine.

  7. Lean Hudson says:


  8. Julie Delahooke says:

    She calls this the happy ending to “Because Of You”. Couldn’t be more true
    <3 Kelly has come so far and is still just as amazing as she has always

  9. Selena Maree says:

    This song is my life. Literally birth father abandoned me at 5y/o my
    “stepdad” adopted me and I took on his name. he has been my life’s biggest
    blessing. I cannot imagine life without him. thank you for this kelly.

  10. Brianna Collier says:

    Awe!!!! River Rose was in it!!!! Cutest little girl ever!!!!!! Love the
    music video!!!!!!! Love you Kelly!!!!

  11. McKenzie Stewart says:

    Prefer the album version, but it’s nice. 🙂
    That’s why I bought the album, so!

  12. Melanie Rousseau says:

    My heart can’t take it! this and a new pentatonix video in the same week

  13. mmr11112 says:

    que hermosa cancion i love kelly exitasos sos la mejor

  14. trinisun says:

    Such deep and personal lyrics. Congratulations Kelly :-)

  15. Kevaun Mitchell says:

    I Love It When River Looks At Kelly At The End And Kisses Her It Is So Cute
    Due To Her Second Pregnancy With A Baby Boy On The Way I’m Hoping And
    Praying That This Song Becomes Her Fourth Number 1 Hit On The Billboard Hot
    100 Because This Song Deserves To Be Number 1 Forever.

  16. The Infinite Corner says:

    This video is shot like a fat girls facebook profile picture.

  17. JulianMartinMusic says:

    album version is way better?

  18. Luis Gustavo says:

    Kelly is so amazing!

  19. walter castillo says:

    I prefer the album version so much better and meaningful I think

  20. mchl bae says:

    Now I can give a beautiful like in this masterpiece. Early I can’t see the
    video bc he are not available on my country =(