Kelly Clarkson singing fan request Blank Space by Taylor Swift in Toronto

Kelly Clarkson singing fan request Blank Space by Taylor Swift in Toronto

Normally Kelly Clarkson does a fan choice song at most of her concerts. This concert she did Blank Space by Taylor Swift. She rocked it!

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20 Responses

  1. tantan tan says:

    She certainly took up all those blank space

  2. purple sassy (girl) says:

    so boring i can`t even make it to the end of the video

  3. HaileyKrystal1 says:

    I LOVE HER ! I did a VIDEO COVER of this song in my channel it would be
    GREAT if you check it out ! Thank You !

  4. Brandon Turner says:

    she looks like a heart attack waiting to happen

  5. Alexander Goo Zong Han says:


  6. Chivuo Kape says:

    Wow even Taylor Swift will b proud of this version aftr hearing dis


    she should be a comedian because she is FAT FAT FAT SUPER FAT FAT FAT SO
    FAT !!!

  8. No Name says:

    Holy Fuck She Got Fat!

  9. Kuromi Gruzen says:

    She put on some weight. So what? It shouldn’t be some thing people ridicule
    about. Just because she wasn’t as thin as she was before? Some may say it
    is unhealthy but I’m pretty sure she’s smart enough to keep that in check.
    And to those who say stuff like “she’s fat and is not worthy of being
    famous!” (i literally see such comments) suck it up she doesn’t have to be
    a skinny twig to be such a hardworking and amazing singer.

  10. Bang Arang says:

    Holy fuck she got fat. I knew she was chubby but she’s actually reached
    whale status

  11. Kelly Kiley says:

    +Mbandi Music Oh my!! Thank you for coming on this video and linking to
    your You Tube Channel! I absolutely love the world music remakes you do!!
    I’m going to subscribe right now!

  12. phoebeeeeeful says:

    Kelly beats Taylor a million times! Love this! 

  13. Diana Lucia Chaman Salas says:

    This woman can take any song and make it hers. So much better than the
    original ;)

  14. Michael Castro says:

    Her body took up all that blank space 

  15. Helen Carroll says:

    Kelly slams it !!! Way better than Taylor love the song even more now

  16. Matt Robbins says:

    I love my women with more meat on them really hate skinny bitches 

  17. Andreina Martinez says:

    This is a S I N G E R!!!

  18. GnomesAmok says:

    She got FAT

  19. 5clinique says:

    she is amazing!!!

  20. Rahul Vaswani says:

    Jeez, shut up about her weight and enjoy the damn cover.