Kelly Price, Luke James & More Sing Verse For Verse In This Cypher | Soul Train Awards 2018

Kelly Price, Luke James & More Sing Verse For Verse In This Cypher | Soul Train Awards 2018

Erykah Badu, Kelly Price, BJ The Chicago Kid, Luke James, Queen Naija, Robert Glasper And Thundercat show out in the soul cypher!


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78 Responses

  1. D F says:

    Kelly & The Chicago Kid aint playing with these

  2. Maurices Infinite says:

    Kelly took that ✨✨

  3. Shadow Youngster says:

    Erykah badu at the end had everyone silent like; they all knew who was the most soulful 😳😳

  4. stacey jones says:

    This is how the Angels welcome you at the gates of heaven

  5. Big Fine says:

    Yall Already Knew How My Girl Kelly Was Coming 😍😍😍

  6. Tashia Reed says:

    Kelly..Kelly..Kelly…smh i love it!!!

  7. Maxie 43 Rob says:

    Jasmine Sullivan would have kelt everyone come on to many good singers out here dang

  8. Shanny Slay says:

    Come on Kelly!!! She did that! I miss her !

  9. Kelsey Morrison says:

    Luke James just did that off the dome. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Beautiful voice

  10. T cnBrooklyn says:

    Luke was killing it for them on background

  11. Natural Elation says:

    Next year, I wanna see AMBER RILEY up there!

  12. M P says:

    Luke james ad libs for everyone were fire!!!!!

  13. Raven Logan says:

    The look on Queen’s face she felt EVERYTHING Kelly Price said!!

  14. Zuri Kyle Chambers says:

    That damn KELLY PRICE!! She is soooooooo UnSung, such a talented woman!!!

  15. percell jenkins says:

    BJ’s voice is so unique and rare 💯

  16. lee ventura says:

    It’s not about them out shining each other all of them did amazing and sounded amazing. This is R&B singing and Soul and connecting people together not pending people against each other as singers. Keep that s*** with the rap battles. This is R&B singing they trying to uplift your spirits let’s not pend them against each other about who did the best all of them did amazing.

  17. terrell jenrette says:

    BJ the chicago kid was killing it.

  18. Briana Marie says:

    I loved all their voices 😍😘🙌🏾🔥 But KELLY GAVE ME CHILLS 😩🙌🏾 They can All Sing Like omg 😊😘

  19. Naasir Void says:

    I NEED jazmine sullivan, the walls group, leandria johnson and yebba on the next one!!😫

  20. Tim Kruse says:

    BJ underrated!!!! got vocalz for days.. BJ and Kelly killed this Cypher

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