Kelly Ripa’s Return

Kelly Ripa’s Return

Kelly Ripa speaks about her return to “LIVE with Kelly and Michael.”

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20 Responses

  1. Evo says:

    Shout to the girl wearing the attack on titan sweatshirt at 0:07

  2. Valerie Martinez says:

    i always thought they didnt like each other whenever i didnt pay my cable
    and was stuck watching gma and other shows like that i noticed the bad
    energy and fake laughs

  3. eat me arse MCGREGOR says:

    Anorexic shit tard

  4. don ervin says:

    bizarrely stupid…

  5. Adrian Jimenez says:

    she’s just a diva and the crowd is feeding her ego

  6. Caitie Hobe says:

    She honestly might have put a stop to him leaving if he had told her. She
    is angry you can clearly see that. It sucks that ABC was so shady about
    everything. At the end of the day everyone we really don’t know the truth
    what went on behind the scenes.

  7. Hola Onedrive says:

    Drama queen….millions live in poverty and you are hurt about this?

  8. SamiDForever says:

    What an attention whore. She couldn’t stand someone else was getting the
    spotlight. So she refuses to come to work and cries like a baby and
    suddenly Michael’s news becomes all about her.

  9. Chad Hotelling says:

    Its kinda weird. Live with Michael and Kelly is on CBS where I live, not

  10. Laura G says:

    Poor Michael What the hell happened?

  11. Rae says:


  12. P Rise says:

    People have cancer in this world and we are listening to this cunt talk
    about ‘respect’ and her own priorities Get over yourself you pampered
    little bitch. Your dad was a bus driver and raised an entitled asshat who
    cares less for others and magnifies her own importance; He should be so

  13. OurLittleSecretYT says:

    Everyone complaining… She didn’t make this national news we did.

  14. von volts says:

    she should’ve been more professional and show up the the next day the black
    back stabber left.

  15. Marv Roberts says:

    Why don’t they just do “Live with Kelly & (random audience member)”? Just
    pick out a new audience member every day to co-host with Kelly. It would
    add some much needed randomness to the show and could potentially be a boat
    load of laughs for the viewers.

  16. Dominik Lasota says:

    honestly the show was like 10 times better last week when she wasn’t there

  17. AMagicProduction says:

    I just want Regis back, I don’t care about Kelly

  18. Hershey 1990 says:

    this is stupid..of course she came back the show has her name sit your ass
    down the audience had to applaud. Mike found more money somewhere else.

  19. Asahel Davalos says:

    Boohoo, other people are furthering their career.

  20. TheTita05 says:

    this was awkward to watch