Kellyanne Conway Cites ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ To Defend Refugee Ban | Hardball | MSNBC

Kellyanne Conway Cites ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ To Defend Refugee Ban | Hardball | MSNBC

Chris Matthews pushes Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President, on whether President Trump can insist that federal workers agree with his policies and further discuss the executive order on immigration.
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Kellyanne Conway Cites ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ To Defend Refugee Ban | Hardball | MSNBC

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Ramsey says:

    Who punched her right eye shut?

  2. Stephen Milner says:

    Guaranteed she’s addicted to painkillers. Look at her eyes.

  3. Susan Bernardini says:

    Is it just me, or does her nose look definitely longer?

  4. BarefootRunner83 says:

    Around the 3 minute mark she says there was a “Bowling Green massacre” and
    that it didn’t get covered. She is referring to two Iraqi men who were
    arrested in Bowling Green, Ky in 2011 for sending weapons back to Iraq.

  5. Andy Gomez says:

    Obama wants to know if it’s too late to blame Bush.

  6. Sonia Soto says:

    she going 2 have a heart attack trying 2 defend him I give her 2 years
    she’ll be gone herself..

  7. Pol Amer says:

    Arrogant Queen of the Swamp !

  8. KidGrow 420 says:


  9. Thomas Homewood says:

    but the right wing says Obama was weak on immigration from the middle
    east.. why is trump doing the same policy and his supporters call him

  10. Bobbett Arnold says:

    Here we go again blaming Obama, just waiting on the Hillary comment from
    this women . l wish she could hold one sentence in her mouth without
    mentioning Obama. or Hillary there gone. She is sickening always using the
    same line over an over

  11. tetapunui says:

    Republicans wanted to impeach Obama for use of executive orders, Trump
    spews them out like confetti, could we have a double standard here and do
    we need a congress anymore?

  12. Tesla Cumba says:

    Obama didn’t ever have a ban.
    He only slowed down the vetting process..
    geez talk about fake news it only comes from Trump!

  13. Nova T says:

    She isn’t actually saying anything when you decipher it.

  14. Rahul Surajith says:

    She reminds me of movie The Witch

  15. David Lee says:

    Kellyanne Conway I don’t care how much makeup you put on your face still
    looks like a wrinkle sack of balls

  16. bill bergovoy says:

    how can you call this video PUSHES KELLYANNE… he didn’t push anything. he
    spoke for about 1 minute, she spoke for the 5 minutes.. without saying
    anything new. wow… reporter fail AGAIN

  17. Luis V says:

    The draft dodger trump will get many American military men killed …

  18. le Mitchell says:

    bowling Green massacre? guess that’s another Republican alternative fact

  19. Name Name says:

    I like Trump, but Kelleyanne needs to hear the “you’re fired!” from him

  20. Comedian Moe Brown says:

    All she talks about is Islamic terrorism but what about white Boys killing
    9 black people in a church