Kellyanne Conway ‘Doesn’t Respect The Lines’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Kellyanne Conway ‘Doesn’t Respect The Lines’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Trump adviser, Kellyanne Conway, is raising federal ethics concerns after promoting Ivanka Trump’s fashion line on television. The Morning Joe panel discusses the fallout from Conway’s remarks.
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Kellyanne Conway ‘Doesn’t Respect The Lines’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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20 Responses

  1. Rob G says:

    It’s really a shame Hillary and the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders in the
    primaries. #Bernie2020 #BernieWouldHaveWon

  2. Mary Davis says:

    These GOP think these #RESISTANCE #INDIVISIBLE
    are fake? These movements are bigger than anyone can imagine & no one is
    safe in GOP & some Dems not doing their jobs will be chopped as well

  3. Rob G says:

    November 6, 2018 mark your calendar and be sure to #RegisterToVote because
    we need to vote out the Republican majorities. #ResistTrump

  4. bashir koroma says:

    Nothing will happen to KellyAnne Conway comments, only Donald Trump have
    the last saying of her fate, but the president already agreed with
    KellyAnne Conway to criticized the businesses that are boycotting Ivanka
    Trump products.

  5. Rob G says:

    The movement to remove Republicans and corporate Democrats has coalesced
    into the liberal tea party. #justus #indivisible

  6. svale161058 says:

    KC is a bad bad person. No integrity.

  7. Sebastian Stormborn says:

    Of course Kellyanne supports Ivanka’s fashion line. Who do you think sheds
    her snakeskin to be used in making Ivanka’s bags and shoes?

  8. GoddessRuff Ryder IsIs says:

    He has not defended his wife on a social media platform as much as far as
    I’ve seen but, he’s defended his daughter and Kelly Ann tooth and nail…..

  9. Eat Candy says:

    “Law and Order GOP” means others have to follow laws.
    No Tourist Dollars to Red States that are supporting Trump.
    SPEAK WITH YOUR DOLLARS get the app, Spread the word.

  10. Raman Razrola says:

    She Disrespected the White House and its diplomatic power and it was a huge
    mistake … Not even happens in third world countries .. So Unprofessional
    and anti-diplomatic ..

  11. Amy Thompson (Moon Kiss) says:

    Deflect/ deny and spin spin spin! LOL..what she does best! Of course she
    has no credibility..or character or integrity. Worthless POS.

  12. Apathy Man says:

    This white-house is a clusterfuk

  13. TheJonnyzeus says:

    Kellyanne was drunk when she was interviewed last night! Listen to her
    slurring! What a shower.

  14. Mike S says:

    No matter who complains, the ultimate decision comes down to President
    Doofus on whether she should be disciplined?? Lol, doesn’t anyone else
    think this system is broken in so many ways???..

  15. bashir koroma says:

    the Trump administration will go down in history as one of the most
    corrupted government and also conflicts of interest, this administration is
    breaking every rules in the book, republicans congress are so scared of
    Donald Trump

  16. Spencer Layne says:

    Jason is actually quite a popular politician too from what I can see. So to
    be booed in his own city shows how angry America really is.

  17. Israel Rodriguez says:

    Don’t blame the stupid for being stupid! We all knew they were stupid!
    Blame the ones who put them in a position of power!!

  18. Me Davis says:

    Trump and his people have turned America into a real joke. We are no longer
    respected as the great contra we use to be, only a month ago. What a

  19. The FPV Life says:

    Tyranny at its best. No republican can defend this … period!

  20. Gary Cooper says:

    Joe is right: If this were any other administration, Conway would be
    unemployed by now.

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