Kellyanne Conway on “Rigged Election,” FBI Probe, Poll Numbers, Healthcare

Kellyanne Conway on “Rigged Election,” FBI Probe, Poll Numbers, Healthcare

Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway

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19 Responses

  1. You Tried It! says:

    lol whoopi is so nasty, but i’m here for it!

  2. Bailey says:

    Wow…those evil bitch pack animals…so unprofessional!

  3. Michael Williams says:

    Lots of deplorables criticizing Whoopi, Trump has the market on this kind
    of behavior!!!

  4. GhettoMist says:

    Im not a fan of Trump but damn Whoopi is rude. Kellyan is the guest and yet
    Whoopi won’t let her talk.

  5. Dennis Grandt says:

    According to Whoopi’s facial expressions, the health care explanation was
    far to complicated for her comprehend. Kellyanne took care of all these
    cackling hens and sent them back to the farm

  6. Theon Greyjoy says:

    I was once a fan of Whoopis many years ago, paid to go see her live, now
    she is just sad, hateful, ignorant and loud.
    Why Whoopi ? Why ?

  7. Col. Mustafa says:

    Whoopi is a disgusting leftist pig

  8. Kirisute Gomen says:

    The view is trash and these women are cancer. Especially Whoopi, she’s so
    fucking retarded.

  9. Joann Salmon says:

    Whoopi hurry go to Canada. You’re wicked. So rude and ignorant. America
    doesn’t need you

  10. sweetiestrawberrie15 says:

    I’m scared for America ….

  11. Michael Fontenot says:

    The view is very rude to their guest. Let her speak at least!

  12. dhingchak123 says:

    i wish i could slap that black bear when she interrupts..

  13. Soj. H says:

    Whoopi needs to calm down. Her aggressiveness does not help her cause.

  14. StandTall USA says:

    they’re so rude to her, especially whoopi

  15. asdfjk; says:

    Fire woopi

  16. winky phillips says:

    Trump could tell his followers that he is winning on Mars and they would
    believe him. Just like when he said he could shoot someone on 5th avenue
    and he wouldn’t loose a follower. He is a sociopath and believes the lies
    he tells people.

  17. Valentino Guilot says:

    whoopi is so disrespectful

  18. Tim Farrow says:

    why is Kelly arguing these ladies are very mean.

  19. Mark Spicer says:

    Why is this show still on the air?