Ken Block: a look back at the career of the rally driver and YouTube star

Ken Block: a look back at the career of the rally driver and YouTube star

Professional rally driver Ken Block, who later became an internet sensation with his daring stunts behind the wheel, has died aged 55 after a snowmobile accident in Utah’s Wasatch County.
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The local sheriff’s office said that Block was riding on a steep slope when the vehicle upended and landed on top of him. Having begun his rallying career in 2005, Block was named Rookie of the Year in the Rally America Championship.

He competed in the World Rally Championship and won five rallycross medals at the X Games. The California-born driver also co-founded the sportswear company DC Shoes and produced the Gymkhana video series, which featured him driving on dangerous tracks and obstacle courses.

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18 Responses

  1. Deetroiter says:

    Not just a modern icon for power sports, but for extreme sports in general. He lived life to the max and we can all only hope to strive we are so fortunate to go doing what we love.

  2. Tomas Ahrens says:

    RIP Ken Block.. The skill, The drive, The passion will aways be from you to us fans.. Rest in peace

  3. r e v e l a r e_ XVII says:

    He may be gone, but his impact on automotive culture is forever eternal.🕊

  4. long live freedom says:

    One of the most talented Drivers to ever walk the earth ..

    Deepest condolences to Ken Blocks family 😞

    • BoBo says:

      @Jacob if anything f1 is way more simpler lol. With all the safety features, brakes, aero, and ABS it’s almost easy to drive in one of those. Even rookies wouldn’t have a problem with those, but compared to a nascar, they are completely %0 tool assisted. Not to mention your racing with several other cars all surrounding you within feet

    • Dr. Jill Alice Cooper says:

      @Hit Me Nascar, the lamest and most boring of all motorsports.

    • Dr. Jill Alice Cooper says:

      Not even close

    • Jacob says:

      @Hit Me nascar can not compare to Rally in the slightest, it’s a simple motorsport compared to rally and F1. Put some respect on his name.

    • Hit Me says:

      F1/NASCAR drivers have entered the chat

  5. Norrie Lee says:

    My Deepest and heartfelt sympathies to Mr Block’s family and friends. A legend in his own lifetime! R.I.P.

  6. Robert Avanesov says:

    What a terrible news…the way he impacted the whole autoculture is incredible. Fun personality, badass driving skills and hours and hours of pure entertainment on youtube. He is a legend. My deepest condolences to his family.

  7. WeedSegull says:

    An inspiration and hero to an entire generation of car enthusiasts, you will be sorely missed Ken.

  8. Lawrence German says:

    Ken WAS and IS one of the most influential drivers on Social Media to date. His style, his love of cars, his constant push to go harder and faster then most drivers allowed for his wife AND daughter to follow in his booted footsteps. He will be sorely missed by all that loved Speed & Cars. 😢 RIP #43

  9. Kõsoku RuNashi says:

    Thank you for everything Ken, you’ll be sorely missed. ❤️

    RIP Ken Block. 1967-2023 🕊️

  10. Spanish John says:

    RIP Ken man what an untimely and tragic death he had so many more drifts to go

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