Ken Bone Question – St. Louis Debate (#Bonezone)

Ken Bone Question – St. Louis Debate (#Bonezone)

The real winner of the debate, is now the dankest meme on the internet!

On a side note, become an Uber Driver today!!

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20 Responses

  1. Zombifyed says:


  2. Ahmed Kunbargi says:

    This motherfucker is the jolliest creepy dude I have ever seen. Power to
    you, Ken Bone. Keep on Boneing!!

  3. Octo Gone says:

    Prepare your ass for the Bone-ing of a lifetime.

  4. justrosy5 says:

    Is it too late for him to run as an Independent? I’d seriously vote for
    him, since I wasn’t going to vote before anyway. He’s what we really need,
    not either of these other two twats!

  5. CrazyPizzaMan21 says:


  6. Alik Myroniv says:

    carl diggler is that you??

  7. Ricky Hanks says:

    Ken ?

  8. guitarz 5150 says:

    Wtf? I don’t get the hype….

  9. New Anomaly Productions says:

    I don’t get it. I thought he would have had a brilliant question or

  10. spanky woods says:

    this constitutes heroism?

  11. Julia ! says:

    I don’t get it.. help

  12. akechi mitsuhide says:

    I can see why the meme, he looks like a fucking cartoon character. On some
    Flintstone shit.

  13. Matthew White says:

    he looks like a genuinely nice person to me

  14. I broke up MCR says:

    I searched youtube for this? I thought it would be some brilliant question
    or something. What a pointless meme. More pointless than that harambe

  15. elchamber says:

    Why is this a viral thing!

  16. Rich thug says:

    This is some bullshit to cover up hillarys shittyperformance at the debate

  17. Josh Long says:

    How much bone can Ken Bone bone, if Ken Bone can bone Ken?

  18. Ron Cranston says:

    Is ken bone the breakout Halloween costume this year?

  19. AIRburst95 says:

    As a west coast liberal I hold the position that we should close all fossil
    fuel plants and replace them with nuclear power… but that’s just my
    worthless opinion.

  20. Henry M. says:

    I bet this guy always asks “How are you?”… and he genuinely wants to