Ken Jeong Answers Medical Questions From Twitter | WIRED

Ken Jeong Answers Medical Questions From Twitter | WIRED

Ken Jeong uses the power of Twitter to answer some common medical questions.

Ken’s Doc Support Twitter Account:

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Ken Jeong Answers Medical Questions From Twitter | WIRED

Starring: Ken Jeong

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20 Responses

  1. Voidnox says:

    He is asian

  2. Jillian V. says:

    He’s a real doctor …but went for the stable work of acting

  3. Nipun Jayatunga says:

    Ken Jeong is like the Samuel L Jackson of asian ppl

  4. Rex Wort says:

    This guy is more savage than Gordon Ramsey
    Also most of those tweets are not the smartest people.

  5. All Music Sucks says:

    This needs to be a regular series

  6. Marko Gaši says:

    Is he seriously a doctor? I thought he was an actor

  7. Phantom Gaming says:

    I have gained Knowledge

  8. Ideal Guess?? says:

    He’s telling you what all DOCTORS wish they could tell you when you ask them silly questions!!! YOU SUCK! xD

  9. DDRandDSLover says:

    I’m glad that he answered the questions seriously. I want more Doc Support with Ken Jeong! ?

  10. Sophia's Ichor says:

    So long gay boyyys!!!!

  11. DestroyerZ564 says:

    If he was my doctor, I would follow his advice and sometimes neglect it just to get burn by his roastings. Then, I’d ask my friends to see him and ‘accompany’ them JUST to see them get roasted by him. >.<

  12. Steven Feldman says:

    Dad: You doctor yet?
    Ken: But dad, I wanna be a comedian!
    Dad: Don’t talk to me until you doctor.
    *fast forward 10 years, at a stand up starring Ken*
    Ken: I AM A DOCTOR

  13. Nick Name says:

    But did you diiiie?

  14. Shadow Marley says:

    He is a REAL Doctor, completed his internal medicine residency which is the HARDEST medical specialty to accomplish and the quits to become an Actor……. Wow the power of South Koreans, it was like a game for him

  15. Defias Bandit says:

    He’s like a Korean Ryan Reynolds.

  16. komoyodo says:

    wait wtf he started out sounding like an actor pretending to be a doctor then he became a doctor pretending to be an actor

  17. David Stewart says:

    This was actually really informative lol

  18. Annals Of A Medical Student says:

    I want to be like Dr Jeong when I grow up. I’m already in medical school, now I just have to figure out how to break out of my awkward shell and be funny….hmmm….

  19. onerpone says:

    I’ll never forget the day Ken Jeong diagnosed my diabetes back when he was working at Kaiser. He was exactly like the character he played in the movie Knocked Up, a fucking dick. He definitely motivated me to live a healthier lifestyle. God Bless the good doctor Ken Jeong.

  20. Shanna The Ebony says:

    I don’t date asian men because they’re ugly creeps like this dude.

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