Kenan Thompson Recaps Kanye West’s Unaired SNL Pro-Trump Speech

Kenan Thompson Recaps Kanye West’s Unaired SNL Pro-Trump Speech

Kenan Thompson talks about Kanye West’s unaired speech from the season premiere of SNL, the birth of his second daughter over the summer and his big Emmy win.
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Kenan Thompson Recaps Kanye West’s Unaired SNL Pro-Trump Speech- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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76 Responses

  1. Drink That says:

    I remember Kenan from *way* back. Even some of his *All That* sketches had some wokeness, or called out the world for what it is. Yeah, he’s gonna see Kanye coming.

  2. Andy Brown says:

    This dude is a national treasure. SNL is sooo going to miss him whenever he leaves.

  3. Michael Scally says:

    Kenan Thompson is the MVP of SNL

  4. AppleCore360 says:

    So Kanye will probably not be returning to SNL 😂

    • Wermhats Wormhat says:

      The leftist elite of NYC really don’t like having their snobby bubble burst, but Kanye’s black so they’d probably have him back just cuz muh diversities. Same reason they didn’t cut his mic.

    • Chrissie K says:

      Kanye – probably not, but Ye 😏… 🙄 Ratings, for some reason, he brings in ratings, even if by contraversy and not good performance…

    • Wermhats Wormhat says:

      +Chrissie K I thought his song was beautiful and so was the speech accompanying it. A black man of his stature rejecting his white leftist masters and stepping off the LBJ democrat plantation on a big stage like that is an important moment in American culture. You’ll realize it SOMEDAY.

    • Chrissie K says:

      +Wermhats Wormhat also, the same man, who later tweeted that we should “abolish the 14th amendment”. No joke. Yep. Very outside the box thinking, ey? 😐

  5. Microfoot says:

    Two people I can’t believe are 40: Kenan Thompson and Andy Samberg

  6. Robert Peters says:

    I’ve watched Kenan grow into who he is today but I didn’t realize how down to Earth and level headed a guy he is.  Seems like a wonderful person.

    Good luck out there

  7. Zero C Circ says:

    Kenan has looked the same for the past 16 years. Looking great.

  8. New Message says:

    At this point, I think of him as the star of the show, and everyone else are temporarily featured players.

    • Dave Cradle says:

      I know what you mean, but Kate, Pete, Cecilly, couple of others, have been there a while too and can “run” a sketch.  In fact, pretty strong roster at the moment.     🙂

    • fungmanhei says:

      Dave Cradle I am doubtful about Pete… like he is good as Chad where he doesnt do much and also when he does standup at the update desk, but other than those I dont see him running a skit that often. Kate and Cecily and Aidy are definitely strong, Beck is doing alright, and Mikey and Heidi are rising pretty fast too.

    • fauxbro1983 says:

      Its because keenan is the tojen black guy and has zero talent

    • Damian Louden says:


      Aww, insecure little white shithead has to downplay the accomplishments of a successful black man. It’s not Keenan’s fault you have a small pee-pee and live in your Mom’s trailer park.

  9. Moni Pampeloni says:

    I think Kanye is having another manic episode

  10. Nirmal Kirtisinghe says:

    Kenan Thompson is such a nice guy, and I assume that he gives the best hugs…

  11. New Message says:

    It’s not just that Henry is ‘nice’.. he’s classy.. and not in the affected way ‘Hollywood’ types are.. he’s just.. genuinely classy… and it comes from a place of respect.

  12. Jason Ibrahim says:

    Mike Meyers is somewhere screaming “I warned you! I warned all of you!”

  13. Jerminator 356 says:

    It’s hard to believe that Kennan has been on SNL for 16 years!! I hope he stays for another 16 !!

  14. mahoganimedia says:

    I feel hella old hearing he’s had 16 seasons on SNL and knowing I’ve been watching him since All That. Sheesh. What a long time to do what you love. He earned his Emmy nom too.

  15. Popo DelFuego says:

    Keenan has given us decades of entertainment and laughter. He is awesome.

  16. Mickey is my Spirit Animal says:

    Congrats Papa Keenan x2! 👧🏽👶🏽Noticed your weight loss too! You look fabulous Dahling!😎🤗🤩

  17. Clare Halacy says:

    Someone should’ve grabbed the mic and said “imma let you finish but…”

  18. Terncote says:

    The cast should have just left Kanye to dangle by himself.

  19. Stephanie Reneé DeRamus says:

    Keenan simply does NOT age. Melanin magic ✨

  20. Fernando Raul Astrology says:

    Kenan is so nice and articulated. He looks like a very graceful man.

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