Kendall Jenner Asks Herself Some Existential Questions | Vogue

Kendall Jenner Asks Herself Some Existential Questions | Vogue

Watch what happens when the highest-paid model in the world, Kendall Jenner, exposes her inner life—and then gets creative with a brow pen.

Director: Charlotte Wales
Fashion Editor: Clare Byrne
Art Direction: Look Studios
Production: Helena Martel Seward at Lollywould
Written by: Jessica Joffe
Hair: Rubi Jones
Makeup: Kanako Takase
Filmed at: The Mark Hotel

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Kendall Jenner Asks Herself Some Existential Questions | Vogue

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81 Responses

  1. Kanni Mua says:

    Kendall is sooo Beautiful xx

  2. Armhan Castro says:


  3. Julia says:

    nocturne by Chopin hahaha

  4. ASDFGHJKLtierns says:

    do you guys know the meaning of the word existential?​

  5. Armhan Castro says:

    So who was the 1st model lol

  6. Sarita Niroula says:

    this was so pleasant to watch

  7. Angelina Tulgara says:

    existential questions?

  8. Glittrry .Witch says:

    Not really existential questions, nice nonetheless!
    Especially the music, I love that piece!

  9. Ariel Alena says:

    she’s so pretty ??

  10. Beatriz Gomes says:


  11. lily love says:

    she looks like michael jackson

  12. Raquel SG says:

    I can´t believe how many people are working in a 3 minute video O_o

  13. Fahmi Hoque says:

    this was so calming

  14. *crispyfries* says:

    is vogue okay?

  15. Loom Geek says:

    The cheereo part got me the most

  16. Subi J says:

    Kendall : *counts the number of eyebrows* 1 , 2 , 3…..
    Me : Girl when did u start sounding like Kylie

  17. Sloth Pack says:


  18. Mudawi says:

    why is this s sad

    • sava Romme says:

      I think cos it sounded so empty and meaningless … the questions .

    • 3rays says:

      There is nothing existential in this video, stop trying to think your some profound thinker because you know what nihilism is. She is asking who the first model was- how is this existential in the slightest?

    • Skeye says:

      Probably because classical music like the piece they used in this by Chopin is why you feel emotions. Not those brain dead questions.

    • alice b. says:

      Yeah, she’s real deep isn’t she? The the whole family is quite deep and insightful. ???

  19. yodahchronicles says:

    Kendall started a new brow trend. The sunglass brow! Watch all the instagram beauty gurus recreate this. ???

  20. MITCHELL WIGGS says:

    This reminds me of that SNL skit Gal Gadot did where Kendall just walks around the house and gets lost lol

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