Kendall Jenner Gets a Scare from Her Mom ‘Kris Jenner’

Kendall Jenner Gets a Scare from Her Mom ‘Kris Jenner’

Kendall Jenner admitted to Ellen she was feeling a little left out after her family members were getting scares on the show, so Ellen happily spread the scare love by catching her off guard not once, but twice – including with a pop-up visit from “Kris Jenner.” Plus, the supermodel talked about having a “resting bitch face” while watching her basketball pro boyfriend Ben Simmons play for the Philadelphia 76ers.


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77 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    When did Kris Jenner get so young

  2. Pals C says:

    No one can beat Sarah Paulson’s reaction.

  3. elsya sa says:

    I ThiNk i WeT mY pAntS

  4. coconut milk says:

    whos here before a million views?

  5. Iconic says:

    Kendall is the younger version of Kris Jenner

  6. Dust Buggy says:

    Ellen scares powerful celebrities to assert her dominance as the supreme celeb ??

  7. AN MEDIA. says:

    I love these pranks hahaha

  8. Ms Centineo, Noah's Secret Wife says:

    Pleaseee do this with Harry Styles

  9. rohan raj says:

    I really want someone to scare ellen… But that will never happen…

    Thanks for the like guys.. Now i know, iam not the only one who wants to see ellen getting scared ?

  10. Pals C says:

    So the hint was crossing the leg.

    • Daniel Dulivero says:

      Yep, once she did that, producers in control room told someone in the box that it’s a go, meaning it’s okay to jump out and scare the guest! ?

    • Thomas F says:

      +Good controversial unicorn I don’t think so. Watch past scare compilation of Ellen and you’ll see her touching her collar before the scarer jumps out of the box. I think since everyone knew about it, this time it was crossing her legs. The scarer is probably wearing an ear piece and someone off camera is going to give him the cue.

    • G G says:

      Thomas F but she all ready had her legs crossed. All she did was cross them the other way

    • coeurenpoche says:

      No.. when she touches her jacket, it happens. Watch other videos and you can see that she’s always touching her jacket/ clothes when the person is about to come out. She has something on her clothes that sends a signal to the person in the box

    • huffy619 says:

      The guy has an ear piece(batt pack, as he turns around). Ellen gives the signal. Andy or whoever relays it back to the guy in the box.

  11. Sneha says:

    The bangs look amazing on Kendall.

  12. Ms Centineo, Noah's Secret Wife says:

    Seems like she didnt want to acknowledge Ben Simmons is her boyfriend

  13. emma robinson says:

    One day someone will have a heart attack lol

  14. Stephanie Anguiano says:

    ???’if she didn’t like me so much she’d sue me’

  15. I Share U Watch says:

    Omg Kendall is super super beautiful

  16. Investing Hustler says:

    She wasn’t sure if she been there before cuz they all look alike ?

  17. Sophie Nyquist says:

    Even though I knew it was coming I got so scared?

  18. I Am Jeffrey says:


  19. I Am Jeffrey says:


  20. I Am Jeffrey says:


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