Kendall Jenner on Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s Engagement

Kendall Jenner on Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s Engagement

Kendall Jenner shows off her ability to high-kick a beer bottle off someone’s head and shares her feelings about her friends Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s recent engagement.

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Kendall Jenner on Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s Engagement


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98 Responses

  1. Alanoud says:

    She is so pretty!!!

  2. Bhavi G says:

    her outfit looks like the cookie monster and the grinch mixed together and im kind of living for it???

  3. Brent Pilgrim says:

    The most attractive Kardashian in my opinion. I really hope she doesnโ€™t ruin her beauty with excessive plastic surgery

  4. Rosy says:

    Amazing kendall with that makeup ๐Ÿ‘›๐Ÿ’“

  5. ฮฒฮนฮบฯ„ฯ‰ฯฮนฮฑ ฮบ7 says:

    I am the only one that actually likes her outfit???

  6. ฮฒฮนฮบฯ„ฯ‰ฯฮนฮฑ ฮบ7 says:

    The high kick clip is actually very cool lol

  7. Aneeza Ahmed says:

    If you’re here for the title of the video it’s 4:55

    Edit: it’s the highest no of likes I’ve ever gotten, thanks y’all

  8. Allwyn Rodrigues says:

    kourtney and Kendall are the only two people I love from the kardashian clan๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  9. Noa Kosman says:

    “whatever makes them happy” is such a weird response to an engagement though

  10. Nitish Sandham says:

    “You are not allowed to say “teeth” on our show”

  11. ScarlettP says:

    Jb is starting to look like Hailey tho lol

  12. Bindi says:

    She became so talkative so cute. She seems so happy now

  13. DearMakeUpDiary says:

    Although her lips are done, they look natural, normal. That’s a nice looking job ๐Ÿ™‚

    • DearMakeUpDiary says:

      she admitted it, yes. And is it weird? I mean it’s done normally nowadays just that hers look amazingly well.

    • Rach _Elishe says:

      Look at her older pics or younger pics when she first started modeling if you will & you can tell. Her lips & nose were done. I was looking at the thumbnail & said to myself she looks different. Some of y’all don’t want to believe it because she said she wants to be natural. If that’s the case why is she wearing makeup? Now if she said she didn’t want to be plastic…with that being said she does look good.

    • Underyourbedeyes says:

      +Arieta Toomalatai lol. So did kylie.

    • Underyourbedeyes says:

      +No thanks die no… Did you see her lips before. She took them out then put in less.

    • jyn88 says:

      They don’t look natural to me. It looks overdrawn with lip pencil. I don’t think she got fillers.

  14. 1rickopotamus says:

    she’s really down to earth and easy to talk to im shook

    • Eulalio Tacuba says:

      Kendalls a bitch but that doesn’t mean its bad because its just with other humans and shes experienced alot meaning shes talked to a bunch of people in her. All the peoples vibes she came across she has to like stay herself even like when she sees the fakeness in others. Aside from that im sure she rehearsed before so it might not seem as genuine. Anyways , i honestly would of clicked the video if it said “Kendall talks about her horse photoshoot”. Maybe “Kendall talks about her secret talent”

    • Das Nightmare says:

      Kendall is by far the most normal Kardashian

    • Monica Ornelas says:

      1rickopotamus . U

    • Siobhan Oakley says:

      +Mona Emson ๐Ÿ’€

  15. Dove Rose says:

    That answer seemed off tbh, I know she’s friends with both of them but “whatever makes them happy” is not the best answer you could give to an engaged couple

  16. Rama Elboshra says:

    Damn kris Jennerโ€™s genes are soo strong on Kendall and Kim

  17. TheirRealGirl says:

    Those lip fillers done her good!

  18. Bri Terry says:

    I wish Kylie would go on the show like this

    • Karan Samant says:

      she has made such a mess of her she now constantly is scared what ppl think of her and will never talk to anyone except family forget about talk show

    • Rawest says:

      reread my comment you’ll see who im addressing

    • ุจู†ุฏุฑ ุงู„ู…ุฎู„ููŠ says:

      Tootsie Wunders

      Forbes conservatively valued her company at $800 million and raised her overall worth to $900 million

    • Maria Q says:

      Karan Samant i

    • Eli Jenner Levine says:

      Yeah but everyone makes fun of her and people say that she sounds stupid when she talks, I feel bad that she has to go through all of that but hopefully if she goes on a night show she doesn’t go on Jimmy Fallen cause he’s so… Ugh

  19. Tusi Devries says:

    How did she became inteligent???? Like she grew up with all them kardashians

  20. PhaseOneTV says:

    Kendall Jenner’s favorite song is WAVES – Blinded ๐Ÿ’œ

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