Kendall Jenner’s Burn Book

Dazed cover star Kendall Jenner addresses ALL U H8ERS in our exclusive Burn Book video.

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20 Responses

  1. Naomy Flowers V. says:

    but is true honey… 

  2. ghettobarbie says:

    she’s still using iPhone 4s

  3. Gimmeallyamoney says:

    This was actually a great way to fight haters good job kendall! #GORGEOUS

  4. iamglamorous99 says:

    Love this so much

  5. Arilia Velasco says:

    Whatever your opinions are of her, you gotta admit this video idea was

  6. Kimberly Tran says:

    kendall’s flawless.

  7. Anna Brown says:

    People need to shut up about kendall and kylie jenner not deserving fame or
    being spoiled or whatever I mean seriously, you think kendall or kylie
    asked to be famous they don’t have fame just because, their father is an
    Olympian and their sister is kim kardashian, they were born into it. So
    what if they are rich that doesn’t give you the right to hate. You need to
    appreciate what you given and build up from there and stop complaining and
    hating on them for no reason. what have they done to you to make you
    dislike them so much anyways? It’s not like what they do is going to affect
    you. I bet a least more than half of the haters out there haven’t even met
    these girls like seriously haters need to get of the internet stop hating
    and get back to your own lives if they even have any. Haters only hate the
    things they can’t have or the people they can’t be. #thetruth

  8. Racheldivaa says:

    I love herrrr ❤️ 

  9. Savannah Rae says:

    What was the point of this though

  10. Zara Harris says:

    Some people are so bitter. This girl can’t help how she grew up. There are
    going to be rich people in this world that’s just a fact. I think she
    should be commended for coming into her own and not settling for just being
    a reality tv star and living off of her family’s name. Yeah her family got
    her name out there but that’s to no fault of her own. Is she just suppose
    to sit back and waste away because people think she doesn’t deserve to be
    doing what she loves or because of her family name/s?

  11. Ruy Willian says:

    Katy Perry 0:59

  12. Paola Moleta says:


  13. Michael Derrick says:

    Awww poor baby I feel so bad for her :'(

  14. kammy david says:

    some of them are true.. some are nasty

  15. susanap92 says:

    “She doesn’t even go here”

  16. serena bell says:

    “i hear she made out with a hot dog” lmao
    Gotta love this video…
    Let it burn honey!!!Dont mind those bitch ass bitch bitch bitch…

  17. kimberly pina says:

    I thought it was gonna be funny, but instead it was BORING & STUPID. It
    pretty much ruined the movie Mean Girls for me. She’s so stupid. 

  18. lilco12 says:

    One for you Glen Coco!

  19. Gabriella Ortiz says:

    this just made her one of my newest favorite people, props to her.

  20. lauren marioni says:

    I ♡ the jenner sisters