Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta

Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta

To Pimp A Butterfly album out now
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20 Responses

  1. Skyverz brah says:

    Thumbs up if you liked the video before you seen it 🙂 it was amazing! 

  2. pf doom g says:

    There ain’t shit better in this world! Kendrick lamar is the future for hip
    hop, maybe even all music.

  3. gabby4767 says:

    I can’t stop listening to this. THIS SHIT IS THE TRUTH………SOMEBODY

  4. Raw Righteous says:

    Kendrick Lamar’s outfit has a lot of subliminal messages.
    The New England Patriots coat and the LA hat representing the East and West.
    The colors of the United States flag.
    The same colors that Blood’s and Crip’s use to represent their gangs.
    The colors are UNITED.
    A white tee and jeans to show that he’s just a normal guy
    No Versace, No Ralph, No gimmicks, No labels
    He won’t be a slave to brands. He’s for the people. All people.
    We all judge each other by our covers,from race, to brand names, to having
    a suit and tie, or having a gang affiliation.
    Kendrick wants us to stop this war and come together.

  5. CJfgt says:

    Nigga fell off

  6. Osman medhat says:

    Daaamn kendrick!!! he is really taking hip hop to a new level

  7. Rajan Gill says:

    Too hip to shoot the video in widescreen?

  8. David Salvatori says:

    I remember you was conflicted….

  9. OliDox says:

    i got a boner pete

  10. Raw Righteous says:

    THIS WAS BLACK AS FUCK! Now just imagine a video for The Blacker The

  11. Cykel Pump says:

    Finally a hiphop music video without ebony girls doing that silly twerk
    shit. Seriously. I don’t get why some person would find it intresting or
    entertaining. I would be bored to death if i saw a girl doing nothing but
    shake her ass up and down. People pls, we’re not in 2013 anymore. K.Dot did
    a really good job with this vid. It’s funny and you can see everyone in the
    video have a good time as well. :)

  12. Isaiah Yoder says:

    So perfect

  13. Jesus Mendez says:

    Basically All good rappers come from compton

  14. abottleofRUMtv says:

    His whole album slays, look out for the Grammys next year Kendrick! 

  15. curt stockl says:

    alot like Eazy-E

  16. Dre Jay says:

    White people gon call this racist cus he said “black man takin losses”

  17. Jake MC says:

    Y’all don’t even know, big krit is easily top rapper, trademark da skydiver
    is up there to.

  18. Magic Rund says:

    This is dope

  19. omgitzwaffles says:

    Steven sent me here

  20. Carl keogh says:

    Such a good mix to this song, Kendrick is king at the minute!!!