Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers ALBUM REVIEW

Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers ALBUM REVIEW


Kenny’s big step.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

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52 Responses

  1. Dolan Darker says:

    I’m glad I can finally have an opinion on the album once again. Thank you Melon. Surprised you rated the Jack Harlow album higher than this though

  2. Brevis says:

    I loved Mirror personally, felt like a positive conclusion to kendricks arc over these 5 years, after the emotional highs and lows across the album

    • napster says:

      It was a good song, but I feel like sonically it sounds a bit corny.

    • Landing Z0ne says:

      @orbitaljunkie Rayman music

    • Tyun Peters says:

      @orbitaljunkie Beach level music slaps tho

    • orbitaljunkie says:

      But it *did* sound like a beach level in a kart racer.

    • Joseph R says:

      The ending lyrics into bridge on Mirror hit me like a truck.

      “Maybe it’s time to break it off
      Run away from the culture to follow my heart
      I realized, true love’s not savin’ face
      But unconditional
      When will you let me go?
      I trust you’ll find independence
      If not, then all is forgiven
      Sorry I didn’t save the world, my friend
      I was too busy buildin’ mine again”

      I hope Kendrick was able to shed some weight off his shoulders and finds peace doing what is right for him, whatever choice he makes after this album.

  3. Thomas Flight says:

    On the ambiguity of “We Cry Together” I think the “this is what the world sounds like” line at the beginning is crucial for framing the entire song. I wouldn’t look for any consistency or actual statement of belief from the artists in their argument because I think they’re just trying to fully embody and act out what the cultural conflict and discourse/division *feels* like to be watching and listening to. The inconsistency and self contraction etc are a part of that.

    I think it’s interesting that in an album centered around therapy conceptually Kendrick is literally using the therapeutic technique of “diffusion” – which is a method where you externalize beliefs about yourself so that you can let go of your attachment to them. Some methods of diffusion used in therapy literally include repetition and repeating the belief in a “funny voice” something he’s literally doing in Crown. Brilliant album imo.

    Thanks for the thoughtful review!

    • Ross Reaume says:


    • Nominoe says:

      Thomas Flight video on KDot when??

    • Tommy M says:

      That’s the exact impression I got from it. I think it’s the best track on the album because it’s the most horribly honest. It isn’t supposed to have a moral center, even the blatantly political lines (like the Trump one). It’s simply just a terrible fight between a couple and shows all of the horrible ways people treat each other but then seek each others love.

    • Vashin says:

      Would be interested in a long form video on your channel about Kendrick’s videos and music.

    • Wang Tien says:

      nice to see you here!

  4. h0ser says:

    Crown: stripping back to piano and voice makes it tough to swallow
    Mother I Sober: using just piano and voice makes a somber and beautiful song
    I won’t stand for Crown slander, one of the best songs on the album

    • Most Morose says:

      A lot of ppl don’t like crown probably bc when most ppl first heard it, it was like 1-2 am and it made them wanna fall asleep which sucks because the message of the song is really good

    • weatherman74 says:

      I agree 100%. Also, I love your videos lol

    • seth foresi says:

      @Jade Tippens I never said that it wasn’t good, I just said the feel they went for fits mother I sober better

    • Jade Tippens says:

      @seth foresi a song doesnt have to be super lyrical to be good

  5. tunmbi says:

    The last song to me is the most important message on the album. “You won’t grow waitin on me” really hits hard and the best message he could possibly give us. Unfortunately alot of people will not understand that

  6. Brad Taste In Music says:

    Personally I was a fan of many of the moments you weren’t a big fan of. Crown for example being so different from anything he has done before, the simple stripped back track feels like it just hammers this mantra over and over again over a really solid piano track, and stands out as one of the more memorable tracks on the second half.

    Many of these diverse moments add to the inconsistency of Kendrick as a human being, and make this record feel like I get to experience where he is now, and how far he has come.

    • Zachariah says:

      What a coincidence your opinion runs contrary to Fantano as you try to establish your music review channel as distinct and different and unique. Lmao.

    • nick ramirez says:

      @frostyfrenchtoast 100% agree. He’s closing the door softly on Mirror and taking his much deserved bow and I think it was the perfect ending to his TDE legacy

    • CeeJay says:

      stop trying to be different, Crown is the worst track on the album and it’s not even close

    • Billisits says:

      Found the Brad reply. scavenger hunt complete

    • Jeremy Dewalt says:

      Seriously, crown was one of my favorites. It reminds me of the love below era André 3000, like “love hater” but more emotionally intense

  7. Shmel says:

    I really liked mirror, it felt like an end credits type of song after the dramatic closer track Mother I Sober. The change of mood from one song to the next was very interesting and I liked the beat a lot too

    • marshallm8 says:

      Agreed. I agree with him that it sounds like a track on a beach racing game, but I kinda love it. Feels like you’re driving during a sunset after a big storm. A great finality to it.

    • Joe Varghese says:

      yeah, Mother I Sober was the real climax and resolution of the album and Mirror was the credits. Similar to Compton in GKMC.

    • PROD. CALDEIRA says:

      it reminded me of “Real” from GKMC

    • mynameisdelta says:

      i remember hearing way back someone interpreting “compton” off of good kid, m.a.a.d city as an end credits moment as well, but the last two tracks of both that and mr morale feel like the reverse of each other — the emotional climax comes on mother i sober and compton (tho in two VERY different ways), and mirror and real feel like silently exiting through the back door

    • TT says:


  8. pie smuggler says:

    mirror was one of my favorites instrumentally. the beach theme of a racing game comparison was funny, but it’s still a beautiful track to me. it gives you a breather after mother i sober while solidifying the themes of the album. i reeeaally like the harmonies the strings play and that cool melody they do near the end of the chorus. if you like the sound of flower boy, this song should be pretty appealing. also, the repetition of “i choose me i’m sorry” is really powerful after all of the lessons kendrick has put into his music over the years. for him to choose to help himself over funneling his pain into music feels like the perfect conclusion to his run with TDE. it reminds me of guts choosing not to attack griffith near the end of berserk. sometimes, you have to let go of what’s been driving you in order to be happy.

  9. orangepeanut says:

    kendrick now has the infinity stones of good albums –
    DAMN (Redux) – 6
    DAMN – 7
    MMBS – 8
    GKMC – 9
    TPAB – 10

  10. ChrisDrops says:

    As a fan of Kendrick, I am also incredibly grateful that he has begun to shed his savior complex. That alone made me love this album. That’s a huge change for him if you’ve been following his lyrics over the years.

    • hjooook says:

      i’ve always found it funny how he’s seen himself as the spiritual successor to 2pac. no disrespect though, i think he’s the closest there’s been to that.

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