Kendrick Lamar, SZA – All The Stars

Kendrick Lamar, SZA – All The Stars

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Directed by Dave Meyers & the little homies

Black Panther The Album Music From And Inspired By
Album on All Digital Platforms & In Stores 2/9

Music video by Kendrick Lamar, SZA performing All The Stars. (C) 2018 Aftermath Records

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63 Responses

  1. 98lipsticks says:

    Chills, every time

  2. Wrinklez Munoz says:

    If only the racist could see the beauty color brings. Color brings it all to life. 🙌God let us unite again 👏

    • Allie Doak says:

      Wrinklez Munoz I often think on this as a white person outside Europe. My decedents will almost certainly not be white because that unity is inevitable, but you know, what will those people think about their white ancestors? To be looked back on and despised by your own is a terrible fate to reap for oneself. It’s not why I try to fight racism in myself but it certainly highlights to me that on the grand spectrum of time our supremacist bullshit will be remembered for what it truely is. I just hope that if my great great grandchildren hate me for what my people have done that they take that and they apply it to whatever bigotry exists in their time especially if they themselves occupy a space of privilege.

  3. Chidubem Nwakuche says:

    Black history, black excellence

  4. ESP says:

    I think the 1st seen depicts the transatlantic slave trade, how millions of africans were thrown overboard and left to die, often eaten by sharks (it is said that sharks continue to trail ships in the atlantic area because of this). The hands are leading kendrick back to the motherland.

    • Krayola D says:

      Don’t forget how Africans sold other Africans into slavery😏

    • young gold says:

      Krayola D Fortunately for you, Africa is not and have never been a monolith. Fuck u and ur Eurocentric mindset

    • camille espy says:

      Zachary Freeman yeah thanks for the explanation like that made it so much better🙄

    • happybobjr1 says:

      you’re just gonna hate on this dude for him stating a fact?

    • Soulyah Cavalier says:

      All the stars are in reference to The Promise. I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven. ” All the Stars are closer” The children of that promise are closer in understanding of who they are. In his first verse Kendrick said you corrupted man’s heart with a gift. That gift was the knowledge of our ancestors. Remember “I’m not a politician, I’m not bout a religion in a Israelite, don’t call me black no mo’ that word is only a color,it ain’t facts no mo’. Kendrick Lamar

  5. Olivia Rivera says:

    Beautiful video 💕 love the strong sense of African pride

  6. sean sivva siv says:

    big up the new skool pac…. mad respect from jamaica

  7. Kingsley says:

    A visual.

  8. Shamar Brown says:

    This is the most beautiful comment section I’ve ever seen.

  9. Andrew Arroyo says:

    Such much beautiful representation of people of color as of late. I’m a Mexican American, and when I went and saw Coco I cried seeing characters I could relate to so closely, and a culture being shown so beautifully. I can only imagine how my African American fam must be feeling seeing a video like this. We have a long ways to go, but the progress I see is encouraging.

    • Bill Archer says:

      Congratulations on the Word Wide HIT, CoCo .. Im black american.. and im thrilled for CoCo.. we want some more Robbie Reyes and more Mexican brothers AND SISTERS in the MCU.. THATS what Black Panther is signaling.. ALL of us built and supported Marvel and ALL our kids are going to be able to see themselves represented.. Heroes. Thank you for the love Mexicans and Mexican Americans have been as thrilled and as hyped as us black people for this film.. From my heart..thnk u, fam

    • Stephan Jones says:

      Andrew Arroyo Beautiful man

    • ROYALTY _BEAUTI says:

      Andrew Arroyo i cried when i saw coco it was beautiful!

    • camille espy says:

      Andrew Arroyo yes I wish we had a movie like coco for our people

  10. Entrepreneur Music says:

    Igbo Kwenu!!!! Like If You Are A Nigerian

  11. anshik gupta says:

    All hail wakanda king

  12. Sercan Rast says:

    La Viva Africa!

  13. Rafi Rozes says:


  14. King Kirin says:

    Video of the Year

  15. Grace Brown says:

    Kendrick is always on 🔥🔥 OMFG I love this song so much…

  16. Mark Hazleton says:

    Marvel finally got that Hip Hop flavor.

  17. Matthew Li says:

    Grammy won already for next year

  18. Ndeshi Way says:

    This is more than a video, this a movie, this is a story. This is black excellence. This is black renaissance 🙌🏽✨

  19. whatduhHellbatch says:

    Damn….im not even african…im an asian…but i felt so proud for our african brothers and sisters after watching this.

  20. Flow Beats says:

    We need to know who was in charge of wardrobe. This is their time to shine.

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