Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 5 (REACTION)

Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 5 (REACTION)


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41 Responses

  1. Michael Moore Jr says:

    I have been a fan of Kendrick since i was 12 and this man has not stopped amazing me with every project

    Edit: It hasn’t even been a full day and this is the highest liked comment i have ever made. Thanks guys

  2. Victor Siwaphiwe says:

    The Nipsey faceswap got me in tears man, this shit is incredible. Kendrick is the greatest ever man

  3. No Life Shaq says:

    The original LawTwins , I remember y’all blew up when DAMN dropped…Keep going up gang 💪🏾

  4. Ger0nimo says:

    Kendrick is a damn blessing to humanity 🙏.

  5. Big Johnson says:

    Kendrick is the goat the way how he told the perspective from Nipsey point of view was so convincing.

    • Barecanvas03 says:

      @M G me neither but the tears came for that !

    • SKIBONEZ says:

      He is all of us

    • Big John Boatright says:

      It all goes back to that conversation Kendrick & 2Pac had on TPAB when Pac said “It’s the dead homies it’s spirits talking through us”. 🤯

    • Mark Magnus says:

      He even sounds like him!!! Shit was creepy lol. It’s almost like Nipsey took over from beyond. Kendrick is a gift to the world that needs to be protected. this definitely had me tearing up.

  6. Tyler Gregory says:

    “I hope the expectations weren’t too much, I hope this isn’t too much hype.”

    This is Kendrick Lamar we’re talking about. There is literally nothing to worry about. This man only drops work that is up to his standards. There has never been anything to worry about. I’m glad people are already remembering, cause I never fucking forgot.

    • Big John Boatright says:

      Facts it’s still so crazy that we never got that Black Friday project between the two of them. 😔

    • Tropical99 says:

      @Coy Frasure I think it will happen when their hype/relevancy sort of vanishes away. That being said, it will probably never come out hahahahah

    • Coy Frasure says:

      @xScarLord • 30 years ago if its true imma be having that on repeat for a while😂but they need to stop bsing and drop that collab album that would really shake the hip hop world up

  7. ThaGreat TV says:

    The evolution of Kendrick Lamar is immaculate ✨

  8. 4 Suits Da’Mon says:

    *_”I am. All of us.”_*
    “As I get a little older, I realize life is perspective”
    “I wanna thank all my fans…everyone who’s ever gave me a lesson/listen” Trust, he was saying both at the same time.
    *_”Consciousness is synchronizing, crystal clear//Euphoria is glorified and made His”_*
    *_”Everything is everything, this ain’t coincidental”_*
    “To my father, to my wife, I am serious, this is Heaven”
    “I completed my mission, wasn’t ready to leave//But fulfilled my days, my Creator was pleased”
    “I can’t stress how I love y’all//I don’t need to be in flesh jus to hug y’all”
    *_”The Unity we protect is above all”_*
    “Keep that genius in your brain on the move”
    “Look for salvation when troubles get real//Cause you can’t help the world till you help yourself”
    “And I can’t blame the hood the day that I was killed//Y’all had to see it, that’s the only way to feel”
    “And though the physical won’t reap the benefits//The energy that carries on admits still”

    This runs deeper than a lot of y’all kno…

  9. Matheus Henrique says:

    Aqui no Brasil o hype tá gigante em cima do álbum do Kendrick.
    O cara tá em outro nível da arte.
    Much love!

    Google Translator pra vocês aí, gringaiada do caraio.

  10. iamMlu says:

    Will Smith…hurt people hurt people. When did Kendrick wrap this up? Man is always on schedule, but never on time.

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