Kennedy Holmes Sings Powerful Cover of “This Is Me” – The Voice Live Semi-Final, Top 8 Performances

Kennedy Holmes Sings Powerful Cover of “This Is Me” – The Voice Live Semi-Final, Top 8 Performances

Team JHUD’s Kennedy Holmes performs “This Is Me” on The Voice Live Semi-Final.
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Kennedy Holmes Sings Powerful Cover of “This Is Me” – The Voice Live Semi-Final, Top 8 Performances

The Voice

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77 Responses

  1. Alberto Suarez says:

    I thought she did great, I just love this song!

  2. Bittman Mitt says:

    This kid is very talented and amazing, she’s so beautiful and have a good voice control . I’m so proud of her. She will be in the final.

  3. Mr. ToadTheGamer says:

    Thank god they didn’t wait until like 3AM to upload this.

    • Patricia Phillips says:

      Mr. ToadTheGamer I thought the same thing they only did that to Strange so she could get some votes now Kennedy will feel it also

    • Sasha6818 says:

      @Dallas Bartley They strategically placed her with one of the best and most loved voices this season because they knew they had screwed up last week. So maybe you should consider that Kennedy is a big reason for the high sales at this point.

    • Kennedi Townes says:

      Mr. ToadTheGamer
      Very truw

    • Gunny King says:

      I know, right? They are doing so many things to slow down Kennedy. She only has one solo that hasn’t gone over a million, her audition is over 10 million. People quit watching if the winner is too predictable and that, I think< is why they are doing this. It could backfire though - we need to keep up the vote.

    • The Bookheaded Introvert says:

      I wish I could vote but I can’t in my country

  4. Jesus B says:

    Kirk for top 4!!!

  5. Karson Walters says:

    This girl is incredible. She kills it week after week. She’s gonna win this whole thing. AMAZING I LOVE YA GIRL!

  6. Julia Musgrove says:

    okay WHAT?!?! she HAS to win

    • Diego Jose says:

      Oh ok! Than you are hipocrisy and prefer the Reagan? Oh my Gosh! You are sick! I’m sorry for you be sick!

    • Nocturnal Illusion says:

      Diego Jose she just said she wants Kennedy to win. Plus, what does this even have to do with Reagan! Gosh you people

  7. richard morabtio says:

    This is the song she was meant to sing. She was phenomenal. And she killed this song.

    • Drew says:

      +Frederick Franchi – Your shallowness is showing is more like it.

    • Zainabu Sulaiman Angaika says:

      Scarlett’s cover of this song on x factor is far better, I feel Kennedy’s performance lacked something, just saying.

    • Repost says:

      Zainabu Sulaiman Angaika okay whatever enough of Scarlett she lost to dalton and so what???!!

    • Frederick Franchi says:

      +Drew there’s nothing shallow about my comments just the facts, she’s too young not ready for big-time competition as I said before this should be an age limit on this show 18 or over for me if you want to make it 16 okay but kids a kids they need time to grow up and mature!!?✌

    • sweetangiegirl1 says:

      You are so right!! Her best so far.

  8. Mel Brown says:

    SHE WILL NOT BE ROBBED BECAUSE OF REAGAN. She needs to be in that finale

    • Alex Velasquez says:

      UNDERRATED COMMENT SMH. What’s wrong with these ppl?! Your comment should have over 1k likes!!

    • Tenshio Natari says:

      +Yvis Yanez she already got a lot of mercy from The Voice and Adam tbh, and that’s why she’s being called out. She will get more love and understanding if she tried her best to perform even when she’s sick or got voted out because she can’t perform because of her sickness, yet she appear on the show and Adam said that in front of other contestants which right after he performs. I bet that guy felt more hurt at that time.

    • Yvis Yanez says:

      Is ‘a lot of mercy’ too much to give to a 14 year old child? I mean, being kind to someone and showing mercy is better to give. That’s why we vote to those people who we think are deserving. Is it too hard to show kindness in words nowadays?

    • Tenshio Natari says:

      +Yvis Yanez I didn’t say that lot of mercy is bad, but this is one condition where she should have denied those mercy and try facing reality and her fears. By choosing to take that mercy she’s sacrificing someone else, in the end is that the good thing to do? I’m not sure about everyone but personally I’ll rather choose to find some way else to reach my dreams rather than sacrifices someone dreams to do so, being kind and merciful is good, but there is the time, place and right way to do it. If that mercy came from denying someone their fair chances is that still mercy or kindness in the end?

    • cameron davis says:

      Chad Smith hahaha and so are you.?

  9. Mysterykid 10 says:

    She has to win she has my vote and hopefully America’s

  10. Kennedy Holmes says:

    This is the fourteen year old me

  11. Josiah Peters says:

    WINNER. Hands Down

  12. Adrian liu says:

    Finally, couldn’t wait anymore, was about to actually watch it on T.V… heh that’s a joke.

  13. robertantonnyc says:

    Kennedy is a Star. She handled the big moments and the small equally well. Such great emotion too. Loved it! – So You Wanna Be A Singer

    • jay kay says:

      robertantonnyc if not a win maybe Clive picks her up…that would be better even. She can dance too!

    • joseph brit says:

      No Clive..that man is 90! some animation/voice over’t know if ready to do a record jus yet..maybe a nice single.

    • jay kay says:

      joseph brit was joking and alluding to Whitney….she needs someone who will bring her through to being ready like that first Whitney album wasn’t done overnight

    • joseph brit says:

      Oh..ok Jay…I agree..will she be able to find that producer.??.the good ones are older now…she probably will need a break after the voice..

    • jay kay says:

      joseph brit They all do even the winner of The Voice is going to need some luck and connections!

  14. Justin Erickson says:

    I love Kennedy, she has really shown that age does not hold her back from putting out great performances. A lot of top contenders this year, let’s hope this vote is fair and just.

  15. princess chilumba says:

    Please vote& stream for her like never before
    She needs us like never
    Vote vote vote vote vote vote vote

  16. Lilian Kain says:


  17. BreezyGirl YT says:

    This 13 year old is the full package can you imagine by the time she is 15 she has contract as soon as she walks off the stage win or lose.

  18. Akira Q says:

    i was hesitate when i saw the song she gonna sing, because i’ve heard many people in talent show sing this song. But her performance was amazing. I was expecting a bit more of power in her voice, but this is already more than enough

    • Natalie Zayas-Bazan says:

      Akira Q definitely lacked power.

    • Andrea Corbo says:

      So first of all, these dancers were having so much fun it was really enjoyable to watch!

      Second : I am not one of Kennedy’s “fan from her audition”, but I have ti admit this performance is worth a place in the finale.

    • John Abreu says:

      Akira Q me too but I think her voice was tired after the first performance but I am happy she ended it well ??? I can’t believe her age

    • Zainabu Sulaiman Angaika says:

      I think something lacked in her performance, or maybe its because I first watched Scarlett Lee’s cover of that song on x factor, she was phenomenal!

    • lexitube says:

      Want power? What do you call 1:53???

  19. RJ Spear says:

    The young women this season are amazing. Kennedy is top three.

  20. Elle L says:

    What a stunning performance! Just listen to her! She truly does sound like an accomplished artist at only 14 yrs old. She totally deserves to be in the finale. VOTE VOTE VOTE for Kennedy!!!

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