Kentucky Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) ends in historic controversial finish | NBC Sports

Kentucky Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) ends in historic controversial finish | NBC Sports

Find out the winner of the 145th Kentucky Derby after a historic controversial finish! #NBCSports #KentuckyDerby #KentuckyDerby2019
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Kentucky Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) ends in controversial finish | NBC Sports

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103 Responses

  1. Benjamin Abramowitz says:

    4:32 “There’s been a mistake! Moonlight, you just won Best Picture!”

  2. frankie J says:

    might as well let steve harvey announce it

  3. 1st Degree Legacy says:

    Hey Maximum Security, don’t feel bad, these things happen, you ran a great race. Not sure if you’re reading this, because you’re a horse.

    • Jerome Brown says:

      the rematch will be in Baltimore at the Preakness Pimlico racetrack it will be watched by millions just to see this rematch and this is the last race that will ever take place at Pimlico racetrack in Baltimore

    • Jerome Brown says:

      this was a setup to help see Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore where the Preakness will be for the last time

    • Big C says:

      Max and I were sharing a bale of hay after the race, and he was PISSED!!!
      I Crapped My Pants

    • laksh v says:

      1st Degree Legacy love this comment ?

    • Matt says:

      mic drop – you should never post on social media again lol

  4. Jorge Figueroa says:

    People booed the race for first time ever. The winner also makes contact against the 21 and other horse.

    • David says:

      Where was contact made Jorge? I didnt see any contact, intimidated but no contact.

    • Mitchell Bronson says:

      +David Kent i agree 100 percent so where is that the horse has his only lane to ride in are you serious horses change lanes all the time in a race so dont guve me this bs about lane changing yes he did slip out of his lane and did cross over but i dont think it impeded enough to call it a DQ esp because of the grounds being extremely bad and very sloppy could have had some very bad injuries in this race if horses to a bad step here or there but again if you watch towards the end there were 4 horses rubbing on each other or bumping so is everyone going to call that a dq as well no its called horse racing the ony reason why i wouldint call it a dq is because of the cond of the tract and the slippery of the horses running in it now if it was a dry track then yes it could have been called a dq but not in these conds and there were plenty of bumos and move overs in the last part of this race.

    • Mike H says:

      Right after he cuts off the outside line he dives back to the rail to slow the inside horse. He was definitely not running it straight. I agree, but it’s unfortunate in the biggest race of the year.

    • swampdonks says:

      +Paris Wolf Horses aren’t bumper cars you say? That can’t be true. See Country House at 2:13 4th wide on the 4 turn. There’s another DQ. Rules are rules, be consistent.

    • David Barnett says:

      So, if the rider intends to make a lane change, does he have to hand signal or do these horses have temporary blinker signals installed?

  5. Pamela Tibbetts says:

    It’s usually nice to see a long shot win but not like this. Just leaves a bad taste…..

    • Michael Otten says:

      this easily couldve had much more devastating results..riders were ( in ALL likelihood) playing safe AT THE TIME OF THE INCIDENT or there could easily have been several horses and jockeys in the mud and God knows what sort of injuries/deaths evolve.

    • Michael Pflug says:

      Peg James Me either but ate a lot of tickets. This one was pretty costly!

    • Michael Pflug says:

      On a side note Master Fencer closed up nicely at the end, thought he was undeserving to have got in but he had nice late kick.

    • Pamela Tibbetts says:

      Allie B and???

    • Keith Adams says:

      He didn’t win…he was Givin the race

  6. Jordan Rodriguez says:

    So Maximum Security wins the Preakness?

    • Darrell Sullivan says:

      Maximum won’t run the Preakness. He sits back. Rests & sees if Country House takes the Preakness thrn he goes to the Belmont & beats CH easily & destroys is TC dreams.

    • JediNite DJ says:

      +Darrell Sullivan That would be nice, it would go down in history as that 1 year we all wanted the triple crown denied ahaha!! I dont think country house wins preakness however even if Max skips.

    • slyjokerg says:

      He will definitely be the favorite.

    • sevenrats says:

      We won’t know that until they actually run the Preakness. What is with the fascination with making predictions? Just watch the race.

    • ewd76 says:

      No doubt moving like a tremendous machine.

  7. jeff scott says:

    Maximum security doesn’t know he lost .. Watch out Preakness.

    • Paul Swainson says:

      Hopefully Omaha Beach will be back and normal business can resume

    • Louis Co says:

      +Stink Fistula you pick the rider… & You think maybe you can do better?..

    • Sam Waters says:

      he knows he won, but he knew he wasn’t celebrated for it. That messed with his head, horses love the praise.

    • jeff scott says:

      I’m sure the owners gave him plenty last night. He knows he won because all the other horses had dirt on their faces except him !

    • James Montgomery says:

      was not jockeys fault.the crowd spooked him coming around the turn

  8. AI Youngboy says:

    Horse doesn’t speak English so Horse knows who actually won the race, Max Security doesn’t care or know about this DQ lmao he’s still proud.

    • Fat Albert says:

      No, horses DO know what they’re supposed to do and who won.

    • Mook Wolf says:

      So you think the horse knows it won? All I know is I won betting that 65-1 underdog ?

    • benny pitt says:

      He can be proud all the way to the glue factory, doesn’t change the outcome.

    • AtarahDerek says:

      Racehorses DO know that when they cross the finish line first, they get to be in the winner’s circle. Maximum Security is probably very confused. What happened wasn’t his fault. Yet there was another horse standing where he should be.

    • michael lee says:

      Incidental contact!! Max should be on Victory Lane!!!!

  9. Juan Palomeque says:

    Maximum security you are the BEST! For me you are the WINNER OF THE KENTUCKY DERBY 2019.

  10. Erik Danner says:

    Such beautiful creatures just happy none got hurt on these weather conditions

    • Charles Green says:

      eiGeNWijSDiNG I said “Like I said…if you don’t like it…don’t watch”…please read before responding lol smh thanks…??

    • Charles Green says:

      eiGeNWijSDiNG P.S. Not reading before responding…there’s no more stupid reaction than that…just saying…lol

    • Charles Green says:

      I see The Politically Correct Internet Social Justice Warriors are out in full force on this post…lol smh ??

    • Amy B says:

      Erik Danner That track was a mess, to be sure.

    • Charles Green says:

      Show of hands…how many of you on here saying that horse racing is cruel to the horses are also meat eaters?…guess what…that can also be seen as animal cruelty…but I’m guessing your hypocrisy goes only so far…

  11. Tom Jormungandr says:

    One thing’s for sure, the judges got a lot of people who never watch horse races to not only watch, but to have very big opinions about it.

    • revpgesqredux says:

      I always watch, bit am ditching the Preakness and Belmont this year. Hope everyone else does too.

    • saulbsure says:

      +revpgesqredux Same. Horse racing fan for a very long time but this ended the romance more than what’s been happening in Santa Anita. Complete BS and I didn’t even wager.

    • Wasted Century says:

      Just the opposite. Lifelong fan. I see worse than this every day at tracks around the country. I have absolutely zero interest in the Preakness or Belmont now

    • Cher a Smile says:

      And to NOT watch again because of their decision!

    • Greg H says:

      Yes, God forbid people watch something they televised, and then to have an opinion about a very controversial decision.  How dare these “people”!?

  12. Stacey Shaffer says:

    Maximum Security won that race by 2 lengths, was in the lead the entire race, ran its heart out and should not have been disqualified.Unbelievable!

    • Timothy Ward says:

      +888strummer Yea we do know! MAXIMUM SECURITY WON “FAIR AND SQUARE!!!”

    • Ann An says:

      Not about the speed but about the relationship.

    • RealBlackHawkMC says:

      But they blocked them. You can’t block other horses. The only thing for your horse is to go straight.

    • calgaryian says:

      This is just begging every trainer of a second or third place Triple Crown horse to file an objection against the winner in hopes of disqualifying the winner.

    • Ann An says:

      +RealBlackHawkMC Do you know any rule which requests the horse to go straight but can’t choose to avoid any obstacles, including water paddle?

  13. Windbag Jones says:

    Pretty tough to maintain total control while coming around the bend at 45 mph in the mud.

  14. Danny K says:

    What a bunch of b.s. youre telling me the winner has never done this in 144 years?

    • AFTERBURNER Joslyn says:

      Crooked as a horses hind leg, video replay in horseracing, another sport ruined by sore losers who cant except defeat

    • AFTERBURNER Joslyn says:

      +Tom Shaw lame excuse for fixing outcomes

    • AFTERBURNER Joslyn says:

      Now by using video review crooked gambling has a great tool to fix results, just wait till college sports is ruined by gambling as well , its coming!!

    • bill philips says:

      if you ca watch all the other races you will probably see it has not happened. whats so hard to believe about it? most races…like 98 percent of them…don’t have disqualifications. whats so hard to believe a sample of 144 races would have no disqualifications? a sample of the last 40 or so recent races at woodbine show only 1 disqualification for about 40 races….and it wasn’t even the leader that was disqualified in that race…. 1 divided by 40 equals 97.5 percent. you can go to the woodbine racing channel here on you tube and see for yourself.

    • AFTERBURNER Joslyn says:

      In one instant they have sent horse racing into wwe and roller derby status, farewell to it, trotters and pacers have always been fixed for gambling revenues

  15. jen laird says:

    Maximum Security was the fastest horse., Period

    • slyjokerg says:

      Obviously, yes. He was the best horse. In and of itself, he was the fastest and legitimately won the race. His finish after the incident was impressive. But he bolted way out of his lane and made other horses check up. You simply can’t do that. The decision was correct.

    • Jeff Rapp says:


    • Sasmson Douglas says:

      His face was clean the whole race. Could still win other two races

    • Bolby Ballinger says:

      A shame that the jockey had to risk everyone’s lives like that . . .

    • Srr says:

      Being the ‘fastest horse period’ doesn’t not make you the winner. This is a race and in a race there are rules, to be fair towards each others. If you’re not ok with it, he can be the ‘fastest horse period’ running by himself somewhere else.

  16. Randy Bailin says:

    When asked if he agreed with the outcome, Maximum Security responded: “Nay”

  17. Jackie Rawlings says:

    this has just made maximum security a LEGEND! fortunately he will go on to win the preakness and the belmont! n we all know he is the next well deserved triple crown!!!!!

    • swampdonks says:

      +Melissa Keiper So you argue M.S. drifted and “you can’t do that”. What? The horse get spooked? Either you argue the jockey did it intentionally or the horse getting spooked caused a near miss which apparently is grounds for forfeiture of all purse and place. It cannot be both and your argument needs to be focused on one or the other.

    • Melissa Keiper says:

      +swampdonks It doesn’t matter what the cause was.

    • swampdonks says:

      +Melissa Keiper Country House grinds WoH coming in too steep 4th wide into the 4 turn, guess that should be grounds for forfeiture as well. No complaint was made by jockeys of WoW or Code of Honor- the ONLY 2 real horses with any type of respectable interference challenge to the stewards. Country House earned nothing but a given win.

    • Vivian BB says:

      +swampdonks if you have a horse that spooks easily or can’t be controlled properly they should not be in the racing world. You cannot drift/switch into another lane when that lane is not clear. There are rules to horse racing and they have to be followed. The horse did a great run. It’s on the jokey to control their mount. Whether intentional or not, a foul was made. They made the right decision in disqualifying M.S.

    • swampdonks says:

      +Vivian BB Quick correction made and collectively, a hardly shocking i.e. “egregious” event by the actual language of the interference rule. That, unlike the interference call itself, is indisputable.

  18. Justn Brnard says:

    Lol at the gambling addiction ad I got immediately afterwards

  19. BucaneerBri says:

    Maximum Security was Far superior, amazing kick to stave them off. Very unfortunate

  20. TheMischief9 says:

    Maximum Security got robbed …… period …. it was a muddy , sloppy track , it was a wonder no one was killed.

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