Kentucky Derby 2022 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports

Kentucky Derby 2022 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports

Watch the 148th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on Saturday, May 7, 2022! #NBCSports #HorseRacing #KentuckyDerby
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The Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes are far more than just two-minute horse races… They are 300 years of history, tradition and athleticism, all rolled into single sporting events. Celebrating the pursuit of American excellence, NBC Sports is the exclusive home to all three races of the Triple Crown.

Beyond the Triple Crown, NBC Sports broadcasts some of the most important and prestigious events in all of horse racing. With exclusive media rights to the Breeders’ Cup Challenge Series and the Breeders’ Cup Classic, viewers can watch the best contenders compete across the country between June and November.

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Kentucky Derby 2022 (FULL RACE) | NBC Sports

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44 Responses

  1. Kamikaze Wordsmith From Hell says:

    In all honesty, this might be the greatest Kentucky Derby victory of all time. The longest shot passes the favorite right at the end. You can’t write a story better than that.

    • Sergeant Masson says:

      @Charles Smith WRONG, I don’t ever drink booze and you made a generalized comment. Either direct your comment to a specific person or don’t comment. It’s that easy.

    • Charles Smith says:

      @Sergeant Masson * I was referring to the person that was trying to antagonize you. Put your bottle down and reread my post, or have someone read it to you, its pretty self explanatory. I hope my point was at least understood by the other fellow.

    • W G says:

      @Jay Andrew Nah nah Mine that Bird was 50:1 in a field of 19 and got the rail Rich Strike was 80:1 in a field of 20 and had to pass off the rail (and started last) both great races but my vote is for Rich Strike

    • Keith Jones says:

      @Nate Hammar Yes, he was looking over at Epicenter like, “Lemme show you how this is done.”

    • Nancy Waltz says:

      @4seeable I know! I said this as it happened! The announce only said his name once when he was is the very back! He literally screamed Rich Strike just before he crossed the line in first! I loved this race!

  2. Kathy Ficarotta says:

    That jockey knew his horse, he navigated the pack like a race car driver and absolutely stunned the other horses with his speed. Fantastic race. One I won’t ever forget. And let it be a reminder to everyone, you gotta believe!!!!

    • Bo Swindle says:

      I truly think Epicenter didn’t see strike until it was to late.
      He was worried about the horse on his right rear and never Rich Strike coming up on inside.
      I still think Epicenter better horse.
      This time Rich Strike won’t sneak up on anyone.

    • Manuel Varguez says:

      He took advantage of the inside after the last turn, as the other horses took it to wide leaving a huge gap for him to cut the lead and have a breakaway. The horses that went wide lost time as they cut at a diagonal line. Took advantage of the mistakes

    • michael salazar says:

      A brilliantly rode race indeed! Thrilling to watch 🙂

    • Stuff says:

      I agree 100%

    • JoeKoOhNo says:

      @Carla Ray Uh, no. Learn the terminology.

  3. T G says:

    Gives me chills The way he says “rich strike” at the pass, the emotion he expressed in how he said it. Amazing race that horse and jockey ran

    • Wyatt Creighton says:

      Just Amazing

    • MHD AB24 says:

      Larry Collmus is that dude

    • Jeff -66 says:

      @Owen Mersk One of the main problems society has is the continuing bombardment of politicizing EVERYTHING. So here we are again, trying to enjoy an amazing moment in sports, and you come in like rain at a picnic. I even agree with you, but this isn’t the place. We should not be turning everything into a political soapbox because people would go crazy with stress & anxiety.

    • Jay says:

      Well said! He is the best in the business!

    • Whisker Whippers ™️ says:

      @Anwar Williams there’s a great overhead shot of the race floating around. Check it out

  4. Soulful_Alpha Beauty says:

    He was steering that horse like a sports car lol. The moves at the end were epic! They way he went around that horse at the end and sprinted to the finish 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  5. Marshall T. says:

    That horse was given ZERO chance of winning, just filling in for a horse that was scratched…. One of the greatest moments in sports….

  6. Cynthia Barnard says:

    That was the sweetest race I’ve witnessed in a long time. Coming off the gate at 24 and back of pack over came the first six in the last turn…Oh My God! Hats off to the Jockey, Sonny Leon and Rich Strike! Great Job!!

  7. Ben Hartman says:

    The move this Jockey put on and the control and passion the horse exhibited are INCREDIBLE. That shift he made right before the final turn, then his maneuvering down the stretch is breathtaking.

  8. Carla Ray says:

    That jockey played the entire race. He never stopped looking for an opening, no matter how far back he was. He probably knew that if he could get on the rail, it was all over except for the crying. What an amazing finish.

    • R. Dub says:

      he navigated so much! like, how did the horse have that much speed running AROUND other horses?

  9. Lou Brolic says:

    Incredible run. He was blocked along the rail, made his way inside, accelerated and still had enough to finish the job.

  10. rockkitty100 says:

    The announcer never called Rich Strike, except once on the back stretch, until 10′ before he took the lead!!!! What a great race!

    • W G says:

      @aquafishes If he catches him making that off the rail pass even – but I couldn’t do what that announcer has to do – really need more eyes when they rally

    • gmblnftball says:

      @aquafishes Mine that Bird 2009. Its such a hard race to call and usually the favorites win so I imagine he wasn’t even looking for Rich Strike. Such a great name for a long shot. If you dont know, watch the 2009 Derby. Poor announcer didn’t even see him pass anyone until he was like 2 lengths ahead.

    • uhleesuhrose says:

      Trevor Denman will not missed Rich Strike rallying fast.

    • Martin Katz says:

      @Taylor Pease This isn’t hindsight. If you were listening to the race on the radio (v. tv), you would have never known that Risk Taking was making a move. The announcer mentions him when he’s in the lead. i think he hyperfocused on the leaders and wasn’t watching the race develop.

    • Martin Katz says:

      @ausfuhrpramienjagar i’m not discounting the excitement of the race. it was over the top. However, the announcer didn’t notice
      Risk Taking until after he had taken the lead. A similar situation occurred in the 2021 Wood Memorial, but John Embriall was watching the race, not just the 2 leaders.

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