Kentucky vs. North Carolina: Final Moments

Kentucky vs. North Carolina: Final Moments

North Carolina’s Luke Maye hit the game-winning shot with 0.3 on the clock to send the Tar Heels back to the Final Four.

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20 Responses

  1. Jukes of Hazard says:

    Unreal finish!!!

  2. Kabir Bariana says:


  3. said Gure says:

    Amazing game

  4. Just Saiyan says:

    Congratulations refs, hope you do well in the semi finals

  5. Breon Mitchell says:

    why pressing on last play shoudve got back..dumm coaching Calipari

  6. ihaveswag 23 says:


  7. Nyfancam01 says:


  8. Mark William says:

    Kentucky take your one and dones and be done!

  9. Christian Schneider says:

    We won with the Jenkins play!!!!

  10. Kay Onaa says:

    It’s like Kentucky hit those 2 incredible threes for no reason…good game though, but bad defense in the final seconds….

  11. Jennifer Crews says:

    Luke Maye should be so proud of himself

  12. Jordan Hinkle says:

    Go Heels! Luke Maye was amazing. I gotta give Monk, Fox, and Adebayo credit at the end, they’re incredible talents. This was an unbelievable game played by both teams.

  13. the alltimegoat says:

    Whoever likes this comment will achieve their wildest dreams, but whoever doesnt like it will have the worst week of their life staring tomorrow

  14. Ryan Keith says:

    We hit our dadgum shots at the end! Way to go Carolina!

  15. Loot Lo says:

    Something new to replace the Jenkins clip now. Go Heels!

  16. Mark Morrison says:

    This is easily the best and most meaningful finish I’ve ever seen live

  17. Dylan Pet says:

    I knew it would have been a close game, I think NC and SC will go to the Championship.

  18. Latrice Peters says:

    Josh Jackson, Tatum, Fox, Monk, Lonzo all struggled in their final game, yet only Lonzo gets bashed for it smh.

  19. Jarrett Winstead says:

    Never been so hyped over a basketball game in my life!

    Luke Maye is Fox’s daddy

    Maye: *I’m Luke, your father*

  20. Nolay Austin says:

    Final Moments = LeChoke TIme

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