Kep1er 케플러 l ‘Up!’ M/V

Kep1er 케플러 l ‘Up!’ M/V

2022.6.20 (MON) 6PM(KST)

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26 Responses

  1. La Chori says:

    Amé los colorees! Los outfits, la coreografía, TODO!😊Un ambiente tan de verano.

    • lofi's audios says:

      @Margot Ileann ¡NOOO! Ya se dijo que los emojis no quitan las vistas!!! Solo si hacen spam ¡Los emojis no afectan!

    • Aloni says:

      siii, jo me gusta todos los colores en el vídeo

    • X_fil4 says:


    • Rakshita Singh says:

      Okay Spammer

    • Margot Ileann says:

      @Iluvchaer Los comentarios con emojis se pueden detectar como sp4m. A YouTube no le gusta el str3am, y cualquier cosa que da indicios de este, alenta las visit4s del video, a forma de castig0.
      Por eso hay palabras o cosas “censuradas” y otros fans advierten de estas si las ven (palabras como l1k3s, str34m, v1w3s, etc. Y los emojis)

  2. jisoofairy. says:


  3. QueenHiyyih says:

    Although some girls have fewer lines, you wouldn’t feel that the girls are missing. They gave everyone enough screen time. The song is also bop and addicting, Kep1er never fails to give us something new. Love you Kep1er!

  4. Lala says:

    Mais uma daquelas músicas onde n consigo parar de dançar, elas entregaram tudo (youngeun minha vida, como pode ser tão linda?)

  5. Kim Taehyung says:


    • sᴀᴋᴜʀᴀ(• ◡•)ᴍᴏɢᴜʀɪ says:

      @SL K-POP KIDS why are u everywhere saying one thing all the time aren’t you indirectly pushing everyone to watch your reaction video

    • SL K-POP KIDS says:

      WOW , Don’t See my Kep1er Reaction Mashup video 😶💔

  6. kpopify xolarsun says:

    The song is so addictive! And the visuals?? The vocals?? The girls did a really good job

  7. Alejandro Reyes says:

    Can we talk about how Yujin enjoy this concept so much? She looks happier and happier, I’m so glad she never gives up.

  8. alexandra says:

    wow! this comeback, these girls are so mesmerizing! the song is so addictive! the visuals are out of this world! the line distribution is sm better! THIS HAS GOTTA BE THE BEST KPOP SUMMER SONG EVER!! Kep1ians, we’re in for a treat! 😀

  9. Zombie Frog Gaming says:

    Kep1er gave us another summer bop to play on rotation and listen to on the regular because it sounds very good and layered amazingly well with the vocals and rap appreciate the opportunity and the Instrumentation of the song with their visuals

  10. yesforyeseo says:

    This is the perfect summer song! I’ll play it on repeat all day and although I wasn’t at home the time it was released, I still waited and counted the minutes! (I literally made my friend tell me when it’s 10:00 because I didn’t have a watch) Btw, I LOVE the dance break, they really stayed this comeback!

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