Kep1er 케플러 | ‘We Fresh’ M/V

Kep1er 케플러 | ‘We Fresh’ M/V

Kep1er 3rd Mini Album ‘TROUBLESHOOTER’
2022.10.13 THU 6PM (KST)

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23 Responses

  1. KPOPSEGYE says:


    This is so fresh and they suit the concept so much. All the members shined here.

  2. Rafa says:

    Não vamos parar até bater a meta, mesmo que não seja em 24 horas, vamos dar nosso melhor e recompensar o trabalho das meninas

  3. Fanella Sy says:

    These girls deserve everything!!! They are slaying every concept. Kep1er will always be famous no matter what😍

  4. Freddie’s TikTok Collection says:

    Kep1er is the real definition of low budget mv with good music

  5. Sadie♡ says:

    TROUBLESHOOTER debuta en el puesto número 1 en el Worldwide iTunes Album Chart !!

  6. Renato Rodrigues ♊️ says:

    visual 100%
    Vocal 100%
    Atitude 100 %
    Figurinos 100 %
    Sem bota branca 100 %

  7. Linna Leto says:

    No entiendo que pasa. La canción esta buenísima. No nos detengamos kep1ian. Podemos juntos.


    Fun Fact: They prepared for this one in a short period of time while having some other schedules. Kep1er multi-talented girls!

  9. Anna Beatriz da Costa Gomes Silva says:

    Mds só agora que eu notei que a youngeun e a yujin tão conectadas na mesma cena, que a yujin tá fugindo do helicóptero e se for reparar na cena da youngeun que tá escalando o prédio o helicóptero que persegue a yujin tá logo embaixo dela, o mv de milhões amei

  10. RAINBOW *Z says:

    2:31 I was surprised by Xiaoting’s physical ability. I think that she has a special skill that attracts people, so her future activities will be gorgeous. From now on, I want her to remain in Korea and work as an idol for a long time.

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