Kepa refuses to be substituted in Carabao Cup Final! | Full incident + John Terry’s reaction!

Kepa refuses to be substituted in Carabao Cup Final! | Full incident + John Terry’s reaction!

Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa refused to leave the pitch during the Carabao Cup Final after Maurizio Sarri tried to substitute him off due to an injury. The incident resulted in Sarri throwing a bottle in the Wembley dugout and storming off down the tunnel. Chelsea lost the match to Man City on penalties. Watch the incident and hear Jamie Redknapp and John Terry’s thoughts.

What next for Kepa and Sarri? Let us know in the comments below.
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80 Responses

  1. DEEPROT says:


  2. hevar ali says:

    This reminds me of when we were kids and playing in the streets, one douche would play the whole game and wouldn’t budge to get subbed for someone else.

  3. Kevin Arzola says:

    Kepa is on an apology tour now. Probably done in Chelsea

    • Pilaf Sama says:

      Well sad to say but Sarri will be done in Chelsea and I totally on board with Sarri. This Chelsea drama is on the 3rd season now and sadly the coach is the scapegoat where the team should’ve been fired long ago especially the captain.

    • Master Dribbling says:

      Kepa has ball of irons truly

    • Chad says:

      he’s done as a professional keeper lmao

    • Kevin Arzola says:

      Pilaf Sama that’s true. Chelsea has really fallen apart respect wise. I remember when I thought it was cool to see Drogba there and now I feel bad fo David Luiz lol

      They went from possibly forming a dynasty to the middle of the pact. Maybe it’s too many youths? Idk.

    • Kevin Arzola says:

      Chad I doubt it. There are so many leagues in the world that I’m sure someone somewhere would pick him up if they let him go in the future (which I doubt).

      I do think he might not be playing in Chelsea once their ban is done.

  4. 孙小宥. says:

    watched football nearly 20 years, never see this thing happened.
    Kepa let me see a new world.

  5. Elmer Wilber says:

    Where is the captain on the field? He is the one that should be telling Kepa to get off

    • Truth Rulzz says:

      2:31 is the reason Kepa should be punished…that slimy “I won the battle” wink

    • mattermoney says:

      +Truth Rulzz no if u actually realise has happened it pretty funny and sad

    • Gabriel Pasqualini says:

      +mattermoney Lol you believe everything they say ? Clearly that isn’t the case,the manager just had the class to not throw this retarded under the bus,which he should’ve done,I would never start him again in any of my games lol

    • Sina Jabbari says:

      +JJ Ryan Kepa wouldn’t have the guts to argue with Ramos though.

  6. Emmanuel Akakpo Jnr says:

    I’ve never seen anything like this before. Even Ronaldo comes off when he’s subbed

    • Butterbean says:

      Yooo What You Sayin Sir Alex subbed Ronaldo off when he was being selfish and wasn’t playing for the team, managers need to have control-not the players even if they are the best in the world.

    • deadly dimitar says:

      kepa deserved to stay on, straight facts

    • Gyro says:

      deadly dimitar and their team probably deserved to win but Kepas stubbornness robbed them

    • Saint Rich says:

      +Gyro how did kepa stubbornness make robbed them,was he the one that told Luis not score his goal, he made a decent save that put the game level and even gave Chelsea a dream of going ahead before David Luiz squandered his glorious chance you guys should also think his decision to be for the team, what if Caballero have came on and missed all the penalty without even an attempt to save one,what would’ve been the reaction of everyone here,not a Chelsea fan though you can see the logo on my dp let’s give kepa some praise for keeping Chelsea hope alive on the game before David Luiz squandered their opportunity

    • MATA FAKA says:

      Messi did this before too

  7. BesteKanaal1 says:

    imagine if mourinho or conte was still manager at chelsea. they would have ran on the pitch and broke kepa’s neck ?

  8. Agung Adi says:

    that was the first loss for Kepa as Chelsea manager

  9. Seraar Xuruur says:

    If today gennaro gattuso was Chelsea manager match was be MMA?? ??not football

  10. Yannick Guiton says:

    Wow! Gone are the days when the manager was a respected figure in a football club … Or is it only at Chelsea? Mourinho, Conte and now Sarri, it can’t be a coincidence, right?

  11. Linkz GP says:

    Kepa gonna cost Sarri his job

  12. Retro Fury says:

    If only chelsea had a guy like Keane or Gattuso in the coaching staff
    Kepa would have been leaving Wembley in an ambulance

  13. Smsrules1 says:

    Kepa can try justifying this to the media that this was an injury misunderstanding. But when your backup is both fresh and fantastic in penalties, it becomes obvious that you’re putting your ego over team success. It’ll be interesting to see how much he plays with this top 4 race, but he’d be riding the bench for most managers I’m sure.

  14. Chilled Llama says:

    If the remaining 10 players would of huddled around Kepa rather then just David Luiz and convince him to leave, for sure things would of been different, but them just watching shows complete lack of respect not only to the Manager but also the club overall. They did it with Mourinho,Conte, and now Sarri. Something for sure is going on in that locker room. Ridiculous.

  15. Red_Devil says:

    If it had been Gattuso or Roy Keane, kepa would’ve been murdered right there on the pitch

  16. Pete DLR says:

    Dammm y did my boy Pulisic choose Chelsea…..should have waited for another club

  17. Seagulls Gather says:

    “just when you thought you’d seen every think in football”

  18. The Comment God says:

    Imagine if they won the shootout ? the situation would’ve been legendary!!! Manager would’ve lost his job for sure. Kepa would have been a legend. But instead it’s an embarrassing situation for both of them.

    • Victor Rey says:

      It was setup to be a legendary moment. Kepa would have been instant Chelsea Icon.. but he just flicking wasted it….

    • Munny says:

      Victor Rey I don’t understand how you think this is a great set up to becoming an ‘icon’ for your club. (Kepa refuses to come off after having his number up and shouted at by his manager and goes on to win the cup by making saves in the shootout) if this makes him an ‘icon’ that is pathetic, shows me that the players are bigger than the club. As a fan, I would be livid, you’re putting your OWN pride ahead of the manager/club, your undermining your manager and disrespecting his authority as the ‘boss’. Complete lack of respect.

  19. Susik Susik says:

    That’s it, Keppa is going to spend the rest of his career on the bench!

  20. ATEEZ POWER says:

    Imagine if Zlatan was the manager…

    High kick in Kepa’s head

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