kermit’s 7th birthday

kermit’s 7th birthday

vlog by julien


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20 Responses

  1. ipek kotil says:

    you didnt forget this year wow impressing

  2. Emeliughh says:

    That one dislike is marble on his Nokia 3310.

  3. Zoe Clark Vlogs says:

    Happy birthday kermyworm!

  4. Lindsey says:

    The best birthday present is sharing a birthday with Kermit 😊

  5. Alexis Taylor says:

    I feel like Jenna and Julien are the kind of people to clone their dogs after they die.

  6. Emily Quattrocchi says:

    Happy birthday you nervous always crying iggy

  7. Chloe B says:

    I love how peach was just watching from a distance with envy 😂

  8. Liz Viy says:

    Jenna’s HEEYUL YEUUH in the background made me squeal for joy and then shit my panties

  9. Nivan says:

    he’s only 7 <3 happy birthday kermit. all my beautiful boys had 14-17 happy years with us.

  10. Hailey Howard says:

    in 3 hours they are #10 on the top trending

  11. Melissa Nichols says:

    I didn’t know it was snoop dogs birthday?

  12. tohme owes says:

    Happy birthday to Kermmie ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Søs L says:

    For some reason the zoom ins in this vid, is making me giggle

  14. Caroline Wiffler says:

    “it’s 100 degrees today” jenna : *wears sweatpants*

  15. Amy W says:

    number 10 on trending! guess people like that you didn’t forget him!

  16. Christina Leigh says:

    I fucking love that every other vlog had been a dog birthday this month 😂😍🐶🐶🐶

  17. Cynthia Gildea-Dixon says:

    Omigod, 5:14, THAT FACE!!

  18. Hopi HOpi says:

    6:37 don’t u do every year?

  19. Rachel Grimshaw says:

    Loving “Call me Al” in the background by Paul Simon.

  20. Fiona Hadley says:

    Omg its kermits bday😧😮, today we put my whippet cassie down 😔😔😔

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