kermit’s 9th birthday

kermit’s 9th birthday


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52 Responses

  1. Ashley Marie says:

    Somewhere in the beyond, Pavlov is laughijg maniacally

  2. Maxyrondo says:

    Marbles’ birthday: Gets 11 different and unique outfits
    Kermit’s birthday: Tries out a doorbell

  3. Kaley Zeller says:

    june is birth month for


  4. usagi tsukino says:

    He protecc
    He attacc
    But most importantly
    The *DAD-STACHE* is bacc

    • Hello Mynameis says:

      it’s ugly

    • Jessica Jimenez says:

      I wss getting concerned no one noticed his lipillar

    • calichef1962 says:

      @Hello Mynameis– Agreed. It really looks like a 70s porn-stache. Not appealing AT ALL. I’m a “full beard, kept close to the skin” or no facial fur. I don’t go for porn ‘staches or Grizzly Adams beards, heck, I don’t even like goatees because they make men look evil. I do like a good chin-strap beard, however. Probably because I know that they are so difficult to maintain over time. It shows a man that really cares about how he looks.

    • Lmao I Have Anxiety says:

      Hello Mynameis

      Julien can do what he wants. I don’t think it looks ugly, but it’s not my favorite thing. Whatever Julien wants to do to feel confident and love himself is fine as long as nobody gets hurt 🙂

    • mmmollusk man says:

      calichef1962 good thing he’s not you or your fucking boyfriend lol

  5. FluffyPoopPrincess says:

    I keep forgetting Bunny is a dog and not actually a smallish but calm and beautiful horse

  6. Jin the banana from the left says:

    Julien: Can you boop it?
    Bunny: *SNIFF SNIFF*

  7. Mayebenot says:

    “We have 4 dogs? When did that happen?”
    Jenna: *shrug*

  8. Nick Merryman says:

    the month of June: *EXISTS*
    Pet store ownders: aaaaaayyyyyyy

  9. jaz go says:

    to be honest, cerment would have blew the candles by himself with his heavy breathing.


  10. VelvetVolcano says:

    Kermit not crying but actually SMILING haha at 11:50 ?? haha, Happy Birthday nasty boy!

  11. WolfyEvans I says:

    “We have four dogs?”
    “What? When did that happen?”


  12. Joey Jawad says:

    vicariously experiencing dog domestic bliss while trying to ignore my dumpster fire of a life

  13. Grace Gilmour says:

    I wanna be in a relationship where we just are alone, singing happy birthday to one of our many dogs.


  14. Lucy A says:

    “Am going to dribble each time I hear bell” Pavlov’s dog beeech

  15. Sabrina Garcia says:

    ? cermit blowing out the candle: “I wish iz my birtday everyday.”

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Thank You Julien for sharing all the birthday’s w/ us.?

  17. Save the bees says:

    Cermit: is birth

    Peach and Bunny: *kiss*

  18. Cherryfan001 says:

    Guys… this is the 666th vlog…

    Cermet is an devil canfirmed

  19. Jazzy_ FE4RXD says:

    7:14 Kermit and Peach:*Go insane for the bell just for treats*

  20. Ariana Grandefan says:

    Peach: *Touches anything but the Bell*
    Kermit: *Touches the bell*
    Marbles: ???

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