Kerry Washington accepts the Vanguard Award at the #GLAADawards

Kerry Washington accepts the Vanguard Award at the #GLAADawards

The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the LGBT community and the issues that affect their lives.

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19 Responses

  1. bugglebe says:

    It’s not letting me thumbs up this vid, says “This action is not allowed.”

  2. Joe Fitrzyk says:

    Where attention goes, energy flows. Thank you Miss Washington for being a
    beacon of truth, love & light! 

  3. Kiss4ThoseWhoCant Campaign says:

    So many truths are so spoken in this speech – that far surpass just that of
    America and television. Her speech extends to every country where
    homosexuals are marginalised, and governments dictate love. In so many
    countries these minorities need to stand together.

    Join our movement and share a kiss for those who can’t. Submit your selfie
    kissing a loved one with a flag of a country where homosexuals are
    persecuted, jailed and even killed for LOVE. Upload it to your social media
    with the hashtag #Kiss4thosewhocant and let’s show our support to those
    who have to hide in fear of their life/

  4. sx3todd says:

    This is Olivia Pope speaking on stage!

  5. Han Xiang Chen says:


  6. ciel222 says:

    I take off my hat for you Kerry

  7. BlackStarBlues says:

    Great speech, but it seems that the audience is entirely comprised of white
    people… Intersectionality is important too.

  8. Michele Burnett says:

    This is the best and most profound speech I have heard about the inequality
    and non-acceptance, of what must be the minority over all the ‘sub-groups’
    of our species, in a very long time. 

  9. Mary Irons says:

    Thank you

  10. Sarah Lyn says:

    If I could I would give a million thumbs-up!

  11. Josh Valero says:


  12. Jeffrey Wong says:

    love you <3

  13. Budi Gunawan says:

    Fantastic speech. One to remember for sure.

  14. meadow mark says:

    Kudos Kerry!

  15. guarddog22 says:

    GLAAD is a useless organization full of self-hating white people who only
    hang with other white people. All they do is throw parties so they can all
    hang around with each other.

  16. ImmaculatePatw says:

    That is an amazing example of speech that EVERYBODY should watch!

  17. Prudencia Abbie says:

    I love you Kerry but I hope you’d be alive and well to defend and make
    speeches about letting people whose choices are to marry their brothers,
    sisters, mothers and fathers, marry because their rights are not any less
    worthy as those of the LGBTQ community. Or are they???

  18. Veronica Broyles says:

    This is a speech that all members of the LGBT community show share.