Kerry Washington Knows Spin When She Sees It | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Kerry Washington Knows Spin When She Sees It | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Emmy-nominated actress Kerry Washington joins Bill to discuss her political activism and why “voting for Trump is voting against ourselves” in this clip from Real Time on September 16, 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. bmaw604 says:

    F hillary and trump

  2. Brandon Tafalla says:

    Just a blind follower. She probably gets paid.

  3. Zuher Tatli says:

    really making excuses Hillary has to earn millennial votes just because we
    are the product of baby boomers doesn’t mean we have to vote for democrats

  4. Sodiq Ali says:

    anywhere in the world, can you sue a president if he/she lie in a campaign?
    i mean, if his/her policy is different from what he/she decide in a

  5. AhsanY2K says:

    Yeah no, I will rather tolerate Trump for 4years than have Hillary.

    Either way, next President will only last 4 yrs and The way Congress is
    right now I highly doubt anything would get done. So you can fuck off with
    that fear mongering

  6. Kebour Indris says:

    Since when is voting for someone I want to win is against my own interest?

  7. Rick Baker says:

    Neither candidate is out for our best interest. We have a loud mouth jerk
    and a corrupt liar. What’s to like?

  8. They Have A Cavetroll says:

    Except Hillary’s record is not that great, either.

  9. Evan Cordova says:

    Wow! Bill plz look into your facts. Everything you said is wrong and

  10. Manny S says:

    Republicans: I ignore all of my candidates flaws! He’s perfect!
    Democrats: I ignore all of my candidates flaws! She’s perfect!

  11. Katherine Tompson says:

    Bring in a real progressive and not a Hillary ass-kisser. This show has
    become a tiresome echo chamber.

  12. King Amaru96 says:

    I cannot watch Bill Mahers HBO show anymore. He has moved so far to the
    right towards the center since his Politically Incorrect days. He’s become
    a complete Democratic look lackey who used to be a Independent Libertarian.
    His pro Zionist anti Muslim views have begun to rear it’s ugly head
    although he tries to hide it under the veil of “I’m an Atheist outsider
    with no ulterior motive”. Please! Smh

  13. Jaime Sandoval says:

    This gal is full of shit. The only reason her girl Hillary hot the nod was
    because the DNC rigged it so that Bernie never had a chance and he still
    made it close considering what we now know as fact. Now she is sick and
    covering that up, lie anf lie on both parties.

  14. Killertalman says:

    Kerry Washington for Vice President!

  15. dhingchak123 says:

    Trump is bad….Clap clap clap….
    Hillary isnt good but vote for her… Clap clap clap…

  16. Don Sanders says:


  17. ThePat1221 says:

    Hillary does not care about the poor…

  18. ShanghaiMan8 says:

    hahaha, her theory is that the media is supporting Trump too much??
    Really??? have you been watching how they’ve been trying to demonizing
    Trump for over a year!??

  19. Ricky Valasco says:

    this is the single election that we need to vote third party it will never
    be more apparent

  20. Coopa Jay says:

    Everybody loves to shit on Hillary and Trump. But, I only ever see Trump
    lying and ripping people off. There is always a lot of insults directed
    towards Hillary but none of them have any substance, that is, none of them
    actually point out things she did that were immoral. It’s basically people
    going, “You’re not Trump so you must be evil.” Which brings me to my next
    point, why don’t people look at the policies that the candidates are
    planning? So far all Trump has planned is a wall that will not work and we
    can’t pay for, and a maternity leave plan that doesn’t actually help
    anybody and that we can’t pay for. Oh, and don’t forget the tax cuts for
    the rich.