Kesha Performs “Praying” at 2018 Grammys

Kesha Performs “Praying” at 2018 Grammys

In a powerful performance, Kesha performs her Grammy-nominated hit “Praying” with Camila Cabello, Cyndi Lauper, Bebe Rexha, Andra Day, and Julia Michaels.

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34 Responses

  1. Kpwdawg says:

    Wtf no wonder they need auto tune

  2. Christina C says:

    I get that she went through a tough time but it really seems like she’s exploiting it for attention

    • wmwflwsbs says:

      Christina C Think it was over kill.

    • joe sgro says:

      Christina C of coarse , that what this generation of snow flakes and millennials are all about ,pissing and moaning about everything in life that doesn’t go their way all the time, life’s hard for everybody, I’ve had hardship my whole 59 years but I don’t go bellyaching about it

  3. jessa R says:

    I love how all the nasty comments about rape are from men says alot about our culture now days

  4. Jennifer Gentile says:

    poor woman needs the peace of Jesus Into her heart

  5. Wasalasilas Bums says:

    Would have been great if she would not have supported such a stupid movement with that.

    • Kenzie Skye says:

      Wasalasilas Bums
      Stupid? Bringing to light sexual abusers that ruined live is stupid? God do you even have a heart or does your sympathy go out to the rapists?

    • Red Scorpion says:

      Wasalasilas Bums Well she was raped by Dr. Luke and he was in powerful position that nobody believed her so it makes sense that she would support MeToo#

  6. Mercurial Pierrot says:

    Cyndi Lauper is better than this song….

  7. Iris Wanders says:

    it sounds like she’s trying to hard and has an unstable voice. I love this song but this was just annoying.

  8. DN xoxo says:

    Camilizers here?

  9. mypic says:

    Is that Riri with the aunt jemima white thing on her head?

  10. Skingrad says:

    she made a song that is out of her vocal power. she really shat the bed. that being said love the voice and the song.

  11. mv v says:

    q porra é essa

  12. Michael Leukofzo says:

    Bebe Rexha looking thicker than refrigerated peanut butter

  13. Cheryl Rush says:

    It doesn’t matter how emotional she is, she should be able to sing better –she’s a performer.  The song is only good on recording, where they can clean her voice up.  She does have an unstable voice and she’s not very talented.  I sing better than she does –but I didn’t have a daddy in the music business.  And guess what?  I’ve been raped before too –so have a countless number of women.  Get the f’ over it already.

  14. Pierce Thompson says:

    Dam wtf happened to this chick

    • Red Scorpion says:

      Pierce Thompson She got raped by Dr. Luke than brought him to Court and lost the case and she didnt want to release an Album with Sony becuase if it so they dropped him and she finally released her Album but between all that she gained tons of weight

  15. zigafoofoo says:

    Amazing performance! Almost as good as this version:

  16. Andrew Garcia says:

    Liberal tears.

  17. Cassie H says:

    Didn’t make me cry all I could think about is her nails she look like she was ready to rip somebody up and I honestly don’t think she’s sang that good. It looked and sounded like she was screaming it. To each his own. I think it’s some female empowerment crap, and I ain’t for that s***!!

  18. Dee D says:

    Kesha’s singing was awful.

  19. Brian Brown says:

    This proformance is so overrated.

  20. wut u mind says:

    This song tells a breathtaking phenomenal story of forgiving the one who hurt you and praying for them even though they ruined your life.
    Yet a son about someone’s body wins the grammy. Srsly what’s wrong with the academy?

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