Kesha Performs “True Colors” Live with Zedd at Coachella Music Festival 2016

Kesha Performs “True Colors” Live with Zedd at Coachella Music Festival 2016

Kesha hits the stage for a surprise appearance at the 2016 Coachella Music Festival during Zedd’s set on Saturday, April 16. She performed the song “True Colors” with the DJ, a song she was rumored to be working on with him for his last album, but that didn’t happen.

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20 Responses

  1. bambis46 says:

    This needs to be made a single ASAP!

  2. Esteban Sanchez says:

    straight garbage

  3. Griffin Hines says:

    Omg I seriously didn’t know she could sing wow

  4. Wes KTWC says:

    smashed it…wow

  5. Ryan Rodriguez says:


  6. The Real Oaken Shield says:

    She’s fucking dreadful.

  7. thewanderlustingsoul says:

    it’s such a beautiful performance by kesha and i would love to see zedd and
    whomever is in his management team do all they can to help her out. he’s
    way better in having her showcase her true talent than dr. luke.

  8. Jeremiah Herrera says:

    this song makes me want to punch someone

  9. samantha Harris says:

    I miss your voice goddes!

  10. david mckesey says:

    kesha + the machine

  11. Gio Aarons says:


  12. Eya says:

    omgg ??? amazzinngg !!

  13. Rosanne Rutherford says:


  14. diego alarcon says:

    amazinggg keshaaa i love uuu and i miss uuuuuu ??

  15. ummi aqilah says:

    wow she can sing 🙂 this is farrrr better voice than the voice she use to
    sing her other songs

  16. Cod Master says:

    Why was this recorded on a bock of cheese

  17. Icureditwithmybrain says:

    Vertical videos are trash.

  18. Nickolas Faz says:

    Kesha has now been added to the list of artists that can actually sing live

  19. Aaron Williams says:

    remember when people swore she couldn’t sing?.. lol

  20. Cameron _ _ says:

    she looks like someone you’d find in the sims 3. I like this.