Kesha – Woman (Official Video) ft. The Dap-Kings Horns

Kesha – Woman (Official Video) ft. The Dap-Kings Horns

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20 Responses

  1. Gloomy Skittlez says:

    Thank you, Kesha. I’ve been struggling with being female because of society telling me I was weak and not as good as the males. I was excluded from things a lot as a kid because I was a girl and that led me to have a mental breakdown one night and shave my head. This song makes me proud to be a woman (:

  2. Kitteh195 says:

    Very hard to sing along to this when you don’t curse T_T Love Kesha though!

  3. Helder Ferreira says:

    A fase Joanne chega para todas.

  4. andrewbbrotherto3 says:

    This song is giving me Gaga vibes in all the best ways

  5. Maycol Andrés says:

    y de repente un salvaje comentario en español aparece 😜

  6. bobby says:

    honestly i cannot play this song loud enough

  7. Katelyn Tracy says:

    Who else just comes to comments to see like 20 fake Kesha spamming accounts

  8. BTS & BLACKPINK says:

    Very retro-jazz-ish. i love it.

  9. Figueroa Pictures says:

    All these people saying that, “She recently put an emotional track out and now she releases a song saying that she’s a motherfucker”. Well, if you think about, this song goes well with ‘Praying’, she’s saying she can be independent and is proud to be a woman. Logic

  10. kesha VEVO says:

    *✅ I Have A Small Surprise For You :)*

  11. It Ain't Me says:

         />  フ
         |  _  _ l
         /` ミ_xノ
         /      |
        /  ヽ 💕 ノ
        │  | | |
     / ̄|   | | |
     | ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)💕💕💕
     \二 Kesha is back💕💕

  12. Io Me says:

    Please report all the fake keshaVEVO channels

  13. Embauss says:

    Remember when Jerry Seinfeld wouldn’t hug you?

  14. Thomas Bretz says:

    BINCH YOU BETTER !!!!!!!
    She did that y’all. an ANTHEM !!!!

  15. Stacy Fun says:

    I know most of you will not like my comment, but this song is WEIRD!

  16. Yvenel17 says:

    hey guys l just posted a little game
    on my channel, can you check it out
    and comment how u did?

  17. Audrey Vaughn Tolentino says:

    She’s on a roll!!! The glitters are never going away.

  18. Bruno Souza says:


  19. Vinicius Couto says:

    O my gosh Ke$sha L.A.C.R.O.U

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