Kevin Costner leads Yankees and White Sox from cornfield onto the Field of Dreams | FOX SPORTS

Kevin Costner leads Yankees and White Sox from cornfield onto the Field of Dreams | FOX SPORTS

Kevin Costner leads the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox from the cornfield to the Field of Dreams diamond ahead of their historic matchup in Iowa. Tune into the Field of Dreams game on FOX.

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Kevin Costner leads Yankees and White Sox from cornfield onto the Field of Dreams | FOX SPORTS

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41 Responses

  1. Tai Korczak says:

    Can you imagine how nostalgic Kevin is feeling walking on that field?

  2. Ray Zirkelbach says:

    20 minutes away from the field. Can feel the vibes in the humid August Iowa air.

  3. Ed Romero says:

    It’s almost like the movie came to life before our eyes. Such a great movie.

    • ImCastorTroy8 says:

      It did! This game was no doubt one of the greatest games of baseball ever played

    • Pedro Franado says:

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    • Jeffrey Jeal says:

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  4. Tony Pucci says:

    Absolutely beautiful! My dad played high school baseball in Davenport, Iowa in the 1950s. I’ve been to the Field of Dreams twice; it is truly a magical place.

  5. Achilles 1776 says:

    I honestly did not expect to tear up watching this. I watched this movie with my dad 25 or so years ago and remember watching it with him. He died 6 years ago and watching this brings it all back. Did not expect that to happen. Well done MLB and Kevin Costner

    • Achilles 1776 says:

      @World Traveler Sounds like a good guy. Sorry he’s gone.

    • Achilles 1776 says:

      @Bob Scott ah man if I watched that movie right now It would be tear city

    • chopsocky ! says:


    • Achilles 1776 says:

      @Eric Fortman yep the good old days. What’s funny is conservatives love this movie as well as dems and the 3 main characters are uber liberal hippies. I just don’t think in today’s age you could get universal appeal and love for a movie that has the 3 main characters clearly one side of the isle.

    • RkF says:

      Anytime I read a comment such as yours, I smile and wonder, what if. My memories of my “dad” are of being beat with a belt, slapped around, made fun of, and being humiliated at every chance. I don’t know you obviously, but it makes me happy that you have such good memories to draw from. Cherish them always. Be well.

  6. 242 says:

    The scenes, the perfect weather, the way the game played out. It literally was straight from a movie.

    • jmetz says:

      Some of the sunset shots were so much like the movie’s last scene …it was surreal!!!!!

    • 242 says:

      @jmetz Very much so. The only negative was the average cost for a ticket, apparently, was $3000, keeping the everyday fan away. But, it was a very unique event, so it is expected I guess.

    • Jason R says:

      @242 well unless they tear the field down…they can have more games or exhibitions there. The actual field and house from the movie were right there and are constant tourist attractions apparently. Let’s hope the ticket cost come down some to be reachable for your average person or family.

    • 242 says:

      @Jason R I’m pretty confident this will become a yearly event. You couldn’t have the premiere go off any better than last night.

      Iowa also should consider holding the high school baseball state tournament at the field.

    • Lucas G says:

      @Jason R I think they should let every team play their

  7. FOX Sports says:

    What did you think of the Field of Dreams game?

  8. J Indy1844 says:

    “One constant through all the years Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It’s been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game, it’s a part of our past Ray. It reminds us of all that once was good and it could be again.” – James Earl Jones

    • Frank Pilch says:

      @J Indy1844 I just posted a little something a lot of people don’t know regarding the film. It was the first film I ever seen in a movie theater and thank God because it’s been my favorite movie since! And then after I watched the second disc from the box set which was ” THE MAKING OF FIELD OF DREAMS” the movie I thought I couldn’t love anymore… I LOVED TWICE AS MUCH! I urge you to read what I wrote and then maybe look into it yourself because if you love this movie the way I did and still do you’ll get chills as you watch this! Thanks buddy.

    • Frank Pilch says:

      BTW… A week later I seen my 2nd BIG SCREEN FILM and what turned out to be my second favorite movie and a classic forever. “BEETLEJUICE!” IT BLOWS MY MIND THAT THOSE TWO AMAZING MOVIES WERE IN THEATERS AT THE SAME TIME 🤯

    • J Indy1844 says:

      @Frank Pilch I remember getting my copy of this movie on an Easter Sunday when I was 5 I’m 29 now and fell in love with the movie. I’m gunna try and find that the making of the movie though.

    • bizboy5 says:

      Thanks for the chills

    • trumpetjoe40 says:

      Wonderful few sentences that mean so much-great lines from a great film. Last night was special for every father and son.

  9. Carson Claws says:

    Couldn’t have wrote it any better

  10. WMTV says:


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