Kevin Durant has ‘gotta watch himself’ after Game 1 ejection – Stephen A. | First Take

Kevin Durant has ‘gotta watch himself’ after Game 1 ejection – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith does not agree with Kevin Durant and Patrick Beverley being ejected from the Golden State Warriors’ Game 1 win vs. the Los Angeles Clippers. Stephen A. adds that Durant’s ejection is a big deal because he could eventually receive enough technical fouls to be suspended for a game later in the 2019 NBA playoffs.
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57 Responses

  1. Glizzy says:


    Holly: He’s 10 inches taller

    Stephen A Smith:?

  2. Industry Standard says:

    It’s amazing how Max finds ways to bring Lebron into every conversation

  3. Dennis Nichols says:

    AGREED: Stupid call. KD calm the hell down, and don’t get thrown cause of “patrick beverly”.

  4. Nobody cares says:

    You need a gimmick when you know your opponent is better than you…..

  5. Atl.slimee says:

    Durant criticism from Steven A?!? Is this a fake video? (Chris smoove voice)

  6. substitute life says:

    This is why I miss Skip Bayless debating Steven A, because Max kellerman never takes the side, he always goes on the fence tries to play every angle instead of just taking a side and DEFENDING it ???…

  7. Austin says:

    4:15 Stephen A’s reaction to Molly is gold

  8. David Romero says:

    Somebody please mute Molly ?

  9. TLB DrumMachine says:

    5:50 FART ?, come on Max! Trying to cover it up with a cough ???

  10. iCal says:

    Molly, translated:

    “I make judgement values of men based on their height. Everyone does, amirite?”

    • That Random Negro says:

      Josef Daniel She’s annoying. Its not about hating all women

    • iCal says:

      +Josef Daniel

      Trust me, fam. It’s never about hating women. I deplore sexism and sexists.

      Every man’s critique or condemnation of a woman’s words isn’t sexism, though. She’s wrong for that. It’s ok to say that AND tie it into the patriarchy that taught her to say and believe it.

    • Ramzes Empire says:


    • John Bashford says:

      She’s a whore only got a job because Jalen

    • SynsityGW says:

      +iCal People constantly defend the hate for Molly with the “why are you sexist” because she’s inexcusably annoying. No one bitches about Joy Taylor like this, I wonder why?

  11. Gage Collins says:

    Stephen a. Smith gave Molly that,” are you serious right now” stare

    • John Bashford says:

      He’s like this whore is blaphimus that we gotta work with this clueless bitch damn you Jalen…. Fox Call Me

  12. Kobe Blankson says:

    SAS’s reaction at molly after that taller comment. ??

  13. daskinder says:

    Stephen A. look at her like, WTF 4:17

  14. TrollBeats Just Trolling says:

    Tiger Woods bigger than Micheal Jordan?? Like seriously??? LOL

  15. Mason Jackson says:

    Why did Durant get ejected? For being competitive, smh

  16. arlongan says:

    Max somehow still finds a way to praise lbj in this debate. Pure genius.

  17. Eric Park says:

    props to molly, everytime i think she cant possibly say anything stupider than she already has, she proves me wrong every time

  18. Ava B says:

    In the 80s and 90s that would have been a play on, but times are different it’s now an ejection sad but true.

    • Jared Mixon says:

      Ava B none of these guys played in the 80s or 90s. They have been in this league long enough to know how to handle themselves. Durant and GS have built themselves a reputation this year.

  19. greatest ever says:

    Silva: hey stephen
    Stephen: yeah?
    Silva: make sure Durant gets the message!
    Stephen: yes masta.

  20. O.G. XIV says:

    Sooooo we’re going to bypass the fart at 5:51 max your terrible????‍♂️

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