Kevin Durant, Paul George, DeAndre Jordan headline busy start of NBA free agency | ESPN

Kevin Durant, Paul George, DeAndre Jordan headline busy start of NBA free agency | ESPN

NBA free agency got off and running, even before the midnight eastern start time, with Kevin Durant staying with the Warriors and Paul George with the Thunder. Chris Paul and Nikola Jokic got big deals of their own and DeAndre Jordan finally lands with the Mavericks.

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107 Responses

  1. Beast Baller says:

    I wondered if Westbrook had cupcakes at the party with pg

  2. Alex Davinci says:

    Mavs slowly looking to become a threat in the near future 🔥

  3. BruceAeroustile says:

    Lebron my advise stay in Clev or go to philly

  4. ronny lopez says:

    Wrong big man😂

  5. Critch Faderogao says:

    Wtf jokic news but they are showing nurkic highlights

  6. Cavs in 7 says:

    ‪$310m in payroll + lux tax for OKC that lost in the first round.

    THEY DIDN’T PAY HARDEN $4M for a team that made the finals.‬

    • Bobby Johnson says:

      The highest payroll in the league but won’t get out the first or second round smh🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Jerome Marshall says:

      Cavs in 7 well the cap did jump

    • Christian Quiñones says:

      Lol Harden left because they didn’t give him 4 million lol, KD left because they didn’t listen to their superstar who got them to the finals…now OKC is dishing put stupid nonsensical contracts like 20 millions plus to Adams instead of offering that to Cousins or AD, why Dont they Trade him for a better center snd giving Roberston whi Cant even hit a three to save his life a 3 year 30 milion deal, wanted of offering that to Ariza smh management really sucks no wonder they eliminated in the first round for the second year in a row

    • MicDubTV says:

      Because they don’t want to make the same mistakes that they’ve made in the past. Ever hear the phrase, “You live and you learn”?

    • 808bboarder says:

      It’s because Sam Presti had to pay for his dogs surgery so owners helped him with that

  7. StankMawf Gaming says:

    i love how they were talking about Jokic’s contract but showing clips of Nurkic lmao

    • David Westrick says:

      Yeah I swear I thought I was trippin

    • Milan Babuskov says:

      bismack biyombo signing 100M+ contract and leading a franchise? No, it wouldn’t be the same. It would be even bigger.

    • Jae KiDd says:

      StankMawf Gaming ESPN is trash just like Stephen nay Smith pretending to have a relationship with LeBron when LeBron clearly said I don’t know that man nor talk to that man … These ESPN insiders all said la getting all 5 of the top free agents what Happened to that ESPN a joke

    • Adama D. says:

      someone gotta get fired for that ahaha! Or at least you gotta talk to the intern who fucked up

    • DKH says:

      Andre Marseille the reaction would be the same lol who cares… you gonna cry reverse racism and bring up Black lives matter?

  8. BigBabyWavy says:

    So jokic plays for Portland now lol 😂😅 come on ESPN

  9. Buddy Rare says:

    Look at Westbrook with them high water pants on, he happy af

  10. DJ Barber says:

    Well there goes PG’s Career

  11. Qeezo says:

    Paul George strikes me as one of those in the moment guys wonder if he will regret it later down the line

  12. NotMyName Short says:

    Carmelo told PG it’s better to get a check then a

  13. rtorres_ 16 says:

    Nikola Jokic sign 5 yr $148 million…(showing Jusuf Nurkic plays) #Fail 😂

  14. zayzay544 says:

    Called the PG13 signing months ago lol glad to see salty Lakers fan in the comments calling him a bum after just yesterday wanting him on there team

    • SplashGod DG says:

      Right OKC nation 🤑 Spurs aren’t trading Kawhi until LeBron announces his decision so they can get LeBron and Kawhi teaming up out their heads too!

    • Melito T says:

      Why does that make you glad? Other people being upset makes you happy. Pretty pathetic

    • zayzay544 says:

      Melito T because it’s funny. Also it’s sports. None of this matters lol enjoy it in your own way and get the stick out your ass

    • Melito T says:

      zayzay544 my stick is in your runned down mothers ass. Don’t ever disrespect me b itch

    • zayzay544 says:

      Melito T again, it’s just sports. It doesn’t really matter lol stop taking life so serious

  15. Time Killer says:

    i told you!
    NEVER trust a man with 2 FIRST NAMES!

  16. Tommy Texter says:

    Wtf is pg thinking????

    • Edwin Ortiz says:

      Money money money moneyyyyyy

    • Chris Miller says:

      Tommy Texter he’s thinking fuck LeBron I wanna beat him and Durant

    • Joshua Virag says:

      Scottie Putney I watched all their games and tape I know basketball play AAA basketball in Montreal and have worked out with a NBA player Joel Anthony as I am from Montreal. Westbrook misses the open guy a lot he is good in the lane at finding people but he is horrible at passing when he breaks the defence down as he never swings the ball to the open shooter. Also when he does is ISo on the elbow where he posts up someone is always sliding to that side hoping for a chance at a clean three as the defence collapses on Westbrook forcing him to find a open man he still hasn’t figured out who to swing the ball when he is double teamed. Obviously he is a good passer but he isn’t elite which is pretty important if you want a chip.

    • Elite Boxing. says:

      Tommy Texter Lmao Lakers fans. 😂😂😂

    • Tony Stones says:

      Tommy Texter he just gave them a huge discount..I should stay in okc but should jave did a shorter deal

  17. nmj530 says:

    Lmao Lakers fans are so salty. All I’ve been hearing is Magic is the answer. He passed up Dennis Smith Jr, Jayson Tatum, and Donovan Mitchell for Lonzo and Lavar Ball 😂😂 How’s that dynasty looking now.

    • Christian Quiñones says:

      Erik Lerström the thing is that OKC is 310 million in the luxary tax so unless they trade they ain’t getting better since Melo opted in to that 27 million dollar contract, basically they have 3 players getting 30 million plus, Adam 25 million this year and WestBrick is gonna be in that 35 -40 million range so yeah they ain’t getting better unless melo agrees to a trade since he has that no trade clause.

    • magnummax78 says:

      nmj530, sure. Like is full of ups and downs. Let’s see what your squad does with every available advantage.

      We turned them into rings. Besides, weather LeBron shows up or not (I think it’s still 51-49 that he will), you know you’re not going anywhere, right? ESPECIALLY if Leonard decides to come here.

      Good luck…

    • Melito T says:

      Hindsight is a helluva thing

    • trill life says:

      nmj530 lol I’m a Lakers fan and I’m nowhere near salty. I bet the Lakers become NBA champions 2019 before OKC do

    • Johnathon McFarland says:

      Kung fu Kenny I think he can be a very good point guard. He just needs the right coach and a better environment.

  18. bball says:

    Wait I thought LA was so great everyone supposedly wanted to go there lol

    • Jeremiah Nikpour says:

      bball to much pressure in LA Nd is hey no they gna compared to kobe Nd they no they ain’t close to be on kobe level

    • Jae KiDd says:

      bball exactly they all said they had the scoops & it was good as gold everyone going to LA. This shows the Brian windhorst & Stephen nay Smith’s don’t got these personal relationships with LeBron’s & PGs etc etc they just throw crap & see what sticks none of the lame non player ESPN insiders know what any of these players foh guranted nothing is guranted

    • Jae KiDd says:

      Melito T foh the Lakers are trash they’d have better chances to win where there at la is so far behind in the west they have nothing to off what lonzo broken shot or kuzman immaturity you sound dumb

    • PG 13PACERNATION says:

      LA fans want the whole NBA on their team 😂

    • roni rome says:

      Ppl want to win and sorry LA team is garbage right now, why go to a loosing team when you can at least get to the playoffs

  19. ThizzinJatt says:

    Can someone explain why mavs signed deandre? He is soft and ran from the pressure of contributing to a great front court with dirk and good surrounding cast in 2014. He was easily convinced by doc rivers to come back to clippers with promises that doc would get him a big man coach and use him in offense. Never saw DJ get a touch after that, cant post up or create his own shot. Only used for defense. Now the mavs are willing to take him now?!? Deandre is like that hot girl who was going through a breakup and started hanging out with the nice guy (mavs) who would carry her books and listen to her problems. As soon as she was ready to commit to the nice guy, she rand back to her ex (clippers) who treated her like shit and which she complains about. I wouldnt trust a ho like that so why do the mavericks….

  20. Sorin Vasile Bogdan says:

    Chris Paul, at 34 years of age, on a new 4 year contract of 160mil.. that means he’ll be making 40mil at age 38!!! A player who has been routinely injured in the playoffs all his career. They let Ariza go, and still haven’t signed Capella. I hope they know what they’re doing.

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