Kevin Durant Sweats It Out Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Kevin Durant Sweats It Out Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Last week, Kevin Durant invited Sean Evans to the YouTube Space in L.A. for a special livestream featuring some of his favorite YT creators. For those who missed it or want to relive the action, here’s our version of the Hot Ones interview—now with more bomb drops! As he marches through the wings of death, KD opens up about his rap dreams, Twitter clapbacks, and the one NBA player he’ll never take style advise from.

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20 Responses

  1. uzamakii says:

    Best scorer in the NBA he don’t care about snake emojis ?

  2. Yasiin says:

    I thought what KD did at first was a snake move, but after seeing what the Celtics did to Isaiah Thomas?!, I said fuck loyalty. None of these team owners give a shit about being loyal to players so why should players??

    Do what’s best for you and YOUR family. The NBA is a business.

  3. NIKE monkey says:

    7 foot tall bitch, leaves his brother for money and championships, fucking pussy

  4. globalklaus says:

    Sean Evans. You beautiful beast. Better interviewer, on nuclear hot sauces I might add, than *any* of the fancypants on the regular “television”. You are a goddamn legend. #manlove

  5. Bryan Escober says:

    Hey Kevin Durant one time Kevin love gave me a signed jersey and game tickets not saying you have to top him but just saying Kevin love did it.???

  6. Killa Tuff says:

    Click to make money, seriously the easiest way to make money from home!

  7. Nas says:

    Everybody hates Da Bomb the most.

  8. Eoin Kelly says:

    Get blackbear on the show if you can’t see what’s in front of you you loose

  9. JiggaAng171 says:

    Lmaooooo any little cough, and y’all put that sound effect. I’m crying

  10. MrRomesdefender says:

    God look at this fucking snake

  11. Brian tha goat scalabrine says:

    Wow an interview with a talking snake.

  12. Philip Don Michael Johnson Thomas says:

    This “snake” ’bout to win 3 or 4 more rings too, bitches

  13. LooperPooper says:

    Kevin Durant choked for the Thunder when they needed just 1 more win to get to the finals, and he STILL joined the team he CHOKED AGAINST, who don’t even need him. Weakest move in the history of sports

  14. Prolifik Wuhn says:

    Best player in the NBA rn

  15. Smokey Bean says:

    All the okc and cavs fan made extra accounts to dislike this video

  16. Trevor Nicholson says:

    I feel disrespected with they way he ate one bite of each wing… smfh

  17. restacks says:

    This can beat him, but the cavs can’t ??

  18. Joey Videos says:

    Congrats it’s the first animal on hot ones a snake

  19. Paul Lampl says:

    I wonder how KD felt about Gucci’s line on Good Drank

  20. James Trawick says:

    Notice tyron lue name but he didn’t say his name??

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